Friday, October 24, 2014

texas getaway

"so marissa, why are you in town?" asked everyone.
"oh my parents really wanted to see capri. and i was the person's lap she sat on during the plane ride," was my truthful reply.

For whatever reason, I was happy to be invited.... it was an awesome trip! 
It's been a long day getting back in the swing of things here and work and life. So let's recap quickly! and get the pictures rolling!

Early flights!  
Family time.
The midnight Peanut butter factory shift for the church. 
Seminary wake up call (my parents calling)- i don't miss it waking up capri! but i do miss the spirit of seminary!
Outdoor walks and fun.
Moving Garrett and Kristi into their new place. 
Caleb's soccer game. 
Lunch with friends. 
Hair cuts.
Evenings with friends. 
Hide and seek.
Millie games.
Lots of dancing and singing!
BYU football game.
A lot of practice with Capri's walking. She's pretty much there! 
Family friends. 
Primary program and church.
Skyping Chase. 
Brazos Bend. 
Caleb's Football games. 
Evening flight with two poopy diapers..... not easy in those lavatories.
A husband standing in the terminal with flowers waiting for his girls! 
The perfect icing on the cake!

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, Garrett, Kristi, Caleb, Jonathan, Millie!!!!! I had an amazing time and Capri had a great time. We miss you and can't wait for our next visit!! Thank you thank you thank you!

 woke up for her flight at 4:30 am...... even capri needs her beauty sleep :) 

looking my best to pack up that peanut butter. 
I'd been awake for almost 24 hours.

early morning walks with mom!

such a special place in my heart for this lil niece of mine

once again.... didn't really warm up until the last day with Papa..... and that was with the help of crushed ice and candy corn.
regardless- he is amazing!

 had a nice Sabbath

treasure chest.
yah...... :'D

highway robbery......... dani's highways are more like a scene from frogger!

i miss sharing a room with this love bug! even if that means she wakes up at 6 from the seminary hymns!

two beauties ready for the hot tub!

my hero of a mother! i strive to be like you!
happy birthday week! 

Brazos bend! apparently it's not Gator season but we still saw about 10!

those early mornings with the seminary kids in the other room!

she LOVED this pitbull mascot at cay's football game! 

capri is a mini millie. 
millie is a mini me. 
we love each other. 

i had an amazing time! and now that i'm an adult child of my parents.... going back home always causes self-reflection AND reminds me of my roots.
it was such a good getaway, AND i'm happy to be home!
Thanks again Texas fam! xoxoxoxo

now for an epic week of halloween and chase's birthday celebrations (yes, multiple!) 

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