Monday, October 13, 2014

the best retro night ever!!!

last night, a lucky lucky group of us were able to go relive our mission days!

the real temple square sisters had a personal concert from david archiletta [ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so sorry dani! one transfer late!] and they asked rm's to come cover the square with their tags and wedding rings! chase tried to convince me to bring capri- but no! it was surreal as i was feeling like a single, childless, young missionary again!!

it was an incredible night. four specific groups of people that we were able to contact, hear about, refer, get referrals from, and enrich!
one struggling member
one rm who had to come home early
an afghani muslim family
& a member family from houson!!!

the night of a temple square sister is incredible! and you always seem to run into people meant to speak with you! and the spirit wants YOU as His mouthpiece! oh how i miss being a full-time sister! 
and was stoked to call dani and get her pumped for next month! she's gonna love her life even more... in 6 weeks. [can't wait to see you thursday when i come visit Htown!!]

it was amazing being with my fellow temple square sisters: some of us are married, have children, single, in school, getting our masters, dating, engaged, working full-time, elementary teachers, etc. 
We are all experiencing our own chapters of life but when we come back on the square: we are sisters and we are one! 
i know most of the sisters on the right. we're the OLD ones. i've been home for 3.5 years. crazy!!

anywho! i can't explalin to you the power of the square, spirit, god's diverse children, and those hallowed grounds! 

and i am one lucky chick bc this is sister andersen from denmark. 
she was in town for conference and happened to be here for this. 
i got to see her and be her companion for the night. 
we were roommates during my last transfer. 
she is one powerful, beautiful sister! i love her and am so glad we could be companions.

our lovely temple square! 
and the pin drop demonstration in the tabernacle!
so many memories!

at the end of our night. all smiles!

and then we snuck in after their event and i snapped this blurry pic! i was scared we were encroaching and breaking rules so i didn't get a pic with him. 
but that's okay- that's not what our night was about. 
what a perfect night. and i loved coming home and telling chase all about it, too. 

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Alison said...

I wish I had known about this! What a wonderful experience!