Wednesday, October 1, 2014

up, out, down, and everywhere

this post is about bodily functions. you've been warned.

so these two clowns just finished their medical study for the final time and that paycheck is gonna be rolling in this week! sweet money!
and my point is- is that chase was gone during all this mayhem. classic.

so look at how cute this darling looked for church! what a cute outfit and precious face! thanks aunt shelby for having such cute taste and sharing your love of shopping with your perfect neice.  the bubbled skirt KILLS me!! 

p.s. when you tell capri to give you a kiss, when you give someone else a kiss, when you make a kissing noise, or when she sees someone on tv kissing- you can look over and find her making this face. and she will continue to make it until she gets her kiss. it's particularly hilarious when she goes up to strangers with this face. 

ok back to the story at hand. i survived and enjoyed sacrament with the little one. then the 2nd and 3rd hour was our annual visiting teaching seminar with all the women in the ward. church was still going smoothly. capri was playing on the ground with some of her fellow friends. and then.... CHAOS. her perfect outfit pictured above is about to get a lashing! 
she starts throwing up everywhere! her two friends were quickly moved out of the way. i am cupping my hands and the vomit is overflowing. i am horrified. i am apologizing to the fellow babies' mothers. many eyes are staring. but also many hands are helping! Wipes and paper towels are being thrown at me. 
This was NO baby spit up- this was a serious adult upchucking! my poor baby couldn't catch her breath! I cleaned up the best I could, I stripped Capri, and I just had to go home. I carried my naked baby in her diaper out to the car. 
We drove home. I'm balling and calling Chase. 
I don't know why I was so upset. Possibilities: I was embarrassed (even though I know everyone was super understanding), exhausted, pitying Capri, alone, missing out on church, smelly, covered in puke, tripping in my 6 inch heels, and brainstorming on why Capri could be so sick. 
Then when I get her out of the car at home, she starts throwing up again. She wants to cuddle. Vomit in my hair, down my shirt, and everywhere!
I broke down AGAIN. I bathed Capri and then T&T (a very big thank you) came over so I could shower while they cradled the poor sick baby. 
Capri has been fine ever since but it was still horrifying. 
There is your first bodily fluid story. 

And here is a little excerpt from my brother Grant (serving a mission in Madagascar). Story #2. We are related obviously:
sacred scrolls :'D hahahaha

and yesterday I had my regular check-up colonoscopy! lovely. 
with my ulcerative colitis, I'm supposed to have it every 6 months if it's flaring up. 
I haven't had one in almost 3 years....... so it was time. 
Thanks Ci and Sarah for taking care of me and to Grandma Julie for watching Capri!

she had her hands full!

I prepped the whole day before at my in-laws. 
Drinking that gallon of laxatives is BRUTAL! i have such a bad gag reflex. but julie helped me get through it :) and yelled at me when I tried to cheat. if you want to see me transform into a big whiner, come over before my next colonoscopy! 

oh you know. just looking my best!!!

apparently [ciara told me- i have no memory of this] when i was coming out of the drugs:
*i was cradling an invisible baby and talking to Capri
*i was telling everyone how when i got home i was going to take 2 or 3 pregnancy tests (embarrassing but believable)

I guess i fell asleep with the anesthesia feeling baby hungry!

well that's enough of the grotesque stories from my week and all the bodily fluids that came with it!

to leave a sweet taste in your mouth, here is an kodak moment of baby jody and capri in a trance as annie read them Madeline

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the kissy face!!! she needs to teach daryn this immediately.