Friday, November 21, 2014


on sunday, chase and i are giving talks on gratitude. hello thanksgiving month! so i've been counting my blessings this week extra carefully! and as i was posting these pics- i thought that is the perfect title. i have so much gratitude for the simple, good, and beautiful things in my life!
what a blessing! chase at a byu game! it was his idea! and our beloved fultons. always a good time.

our makeshift dining at home night. 
we normally eat on the couch. well i normally eat on the couch and chase gets to eat while he is at work.  but i decided to bust out this card table one night.

my customized bday present finally came! love it!

you'll often find our underwear on her head. sometimes from the drawer and unfortunately sometimes from the hamper. 

i was enjoying watching these two explore and figure out life. 
simply beautiful

and they fight like sisters. esp over this pink stool. they were obsessed with it for days!
i've been enjoying my new gig of babysitting my nieces and bonding with them! it's good for my soul and pocketbook. what a blessing to be married into the perfect family of in-laws for me!

well a lot to be grateful for! gearing up for the most grateful week of the year!

our funniest fight

a lack of sleep is a result for disaster in our house (hence why the newborn months were extra brutal!)
also night time normally results in cranky pants and overdramatic emotions. which we have learned to deal with better and more maturely...... most of the time.
however, last night was more of a trip than normal! and the tired state had me laughing my head off. it was extra funny bc of the late hour! if you know chase- you know he loves to get responses out of ppl and i was being stubborn. so he went to extremes.
i was tired. it was already 10:30. I was ready for bed. Chase was stsill wired from getting off of work at 10.


I was trying to show Chase the facebook movie that I made for him and he was ignoring me bc he was playing a game on his phone. (curse those addictive smart phones!)
So i huffed, rolled over, and decided to go to sleep.
5 minutes later Chase was ready to talk. I was in sleep mode. I was ignoring him.
So he starts babbling (I'm already laughing as I type this bc I'm remembering!)
CHASE: "Maybe you should just take a vacation. You need a good vacation for all you do. I'll watch the baby and pick up double shifts to pay for you travels."
(I'm still silent)
If you could just send me a postcard.
In fact, I'll run the storage unit too while you're gone. If you could just show me a few things on the computer before you go.
Unrelated to this though- i want to work on my will. I will put everything in your name and go skydiving without a parachute.
Actually this isn't unrelated. There's a direct correlation to my will and you ignoring me.
Mark my words. Write these words down. Write 'em down!!! You'll be sorry. You'll regret this.
Silence. Chase gets up, turns the light on, and goes out into the living room. He comes back with a piece of paper and pen. 
Write this down, "I am going to regret this."
I wrote it down. 
While staying silent.
It feels like this blanket is hugging me, which is nice.
You gonna get the light?
Silence. I got up to turn off the light. And was laughing loudly! (but careful not to wake up Capri, too)

We actually have a hard time fighting about anything serious and resolving problems like adults bc my husband is always the comedian and I end up laughing. Sometimes you can find us furious with each other but trying to hide our smiles bc the intensity is too funny for us. It's quite the predicament!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the Babysitter

That's me! THE babysitter.
if you need a babysitter..... don't call me for at least a week. I'm pooped.

Monday- three babies 9 AM- 1 PM
Tuesday- three babies 7 AM- 1 PM
Wendesday- three babies 9 AM- 2 PM

And each day = three different baby groups (except Capri- she was a constant! and she was stoked with all the friends to play with. I only snapped pics Tuesday- so enjoy!) But really.... am i not ready for twins? haha. it would make all the nausea and headache side effects worth it from these hormone pills. most women wouldn't complain about aunt flo being mia for 8 months..... not me!

things are getting pretty serious, but don't worry. i chaperoned! 

Ok. I'm outta here and welcoming a much needed girl's night in a few hours! Over and out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

this last week

been having weird emotions this week- a lot of reminders and set backs on getting pregnant. i am now on my third round of hormones (these pills have a big warning on multiples so i'm crossing my fingers FOR multiples- call me crazy!) but besides that i just feel exhausted. It's been 7 months since my miscarriage and my body has been on a rollercoaster of irregularity, hormones, weight fluctuation, and emotions! But I know Capri just turned one, i'm only 25, and 7 months isn't that long. But but.... still.

that's not why i came on here to blog but it seems that a lot of my conversations come full circle back to my obsession of having a healthy body that will accept a healthy pregnancy.

so i wanna recap on halloween too.
we had a blast of a week with chase's birthday and the anderson's favorite holiday.
we had a friend celebration monday with wingers and lazer tagging. and tuesday we had a family celebration with dinner and carving pumpkins! chase was a spoiled birthday boy if i do say so myself!

then we had more halloween festivities and then a crazy spooky night on halloween.
yes, we made a lot of children cry, but they knew what they were getting themselves into when they walked up chad's driveway. even capri and chantelle were spooked by their creepy parents.
and poor charlotte stood across the street crying and refusing to return to her own home bc she was scared of us. I had to chase her down, carry her, and cover her eyes until i dropped her off inside. like kina said, one of these days she'll be scaring along side us! she is very brave and so are most of the neighborhood kids.... until it gets dark- then all bravery is replaced with sheer fear!

p.s. i want this in my 2014 scrapbook so i better put it in a post. that's where i get my material for my book. and i was really proud of all the time i spent on it and the outcome. so voila. welcome to the new blog pic. 

we first took the nuggets trick or treating. and when i say nuggets- i mean chantelle and charlotte. Capri didn't grasp the concept this year. I just pushed her in her stroller and chantelle and charlotte took off. besides- i didn't want to be the one eating all of capri's halloween candy. which is exactly what woulda happened. anywho I was so impressed how far the cousins BOTH walked. 
little 13 month old chantelle seriously walked 2 miles.... i don't even think i'm exaggerating. she's an anomaly. 

a couple nights earlier on chase's birthday night
the greatest olaf pumpkin. julie is insane with her skills. oh and dave & charlotte too of course. it was a group effort. 

and some of our halloween fright! this doesn't do the night justice. i wanted a good video, but was too busy scaring. we had dave, chad, chase, and me. scary music. strobe lights. chains saws. three fog machines. graveyard. coffins. spider webs. zombies. bloody fence. etc. it was a halloween to remember.