Friday, November 21, 2014


on sunday, chase and i are giving talks on gratitude. hello thanksgiving month! so i've been counting my blessings this week extra carefully! and as i was posting these pics- i thought that is the perfect title. i have so much gratitude for the simple, good, and beautiful things in my life!
what a blessing! chase at a byu game! it was his idea! and our beloved fultons. always a good time.

our makeshift dining at home night. 
we normally eat on the couch. well i normally eat on the couch and chase gets to eat while he is at work.  but i decided to bust out this card table one night.

my customized bday present finally came! love it!

you'll often find our underwear on her head. sometimes from the drawer and unfortunately sometimes from the hamper. 

i was enjoying watching these two explore and figure out life. 
simply beautiful

and they fight like sisters. esp over this pink stool. they were obsessed with it for days!
i've been enjoying my new gig of babysitting my nieces and bonding with them! it's good for my soul and pocketbook. what a blessing to be married into the perfect family of in-laws for me!

well a lot to be grateful for! gearing up for the most grateful week of the year!

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