Friday, November 21, 2014

our funniest fight

a lack of sleep is a result for disaster in our house (hence why the newborn months were extra brutal!)
also night time normally results in cranky pants and overdramatic emotions. which we have learned to deal with better and more maturely...... most of the time.
however, last night was more of a trip than normal! and the tired state had me laughing my head off. it was extra funny bc of the late hour! if you know chase- you know he loves to get responses out of ppl and i was being stubborn. so he went to extremes.
i was tired. it was already 10:30. I was ready for bed. Chase was stsill wired from getting off of work at 10.


I was trying to show Chase the facebook movie that I made for him and he was ignoring me bc he was playing a game on his phone. (curse those addictive smart phones!)
So i huffed, rolled over, and decided to go to sleep.
5 minutes later Chase was ready to talk. I was in sleep mode. I was ignoring him.
So he starts babbling (I'm already laughing as I type this bc I'm remembering!)
CHASE: "Maybe you should just take a vacation. You need a good vacation for all you do. I'll watch the baby and pick up double shifts to pay for you travels."
(I'm still silent)
If you could just send me a postcard.
In fact, I'll run the storage unit too while you're gone. If you could just show me a few things on the computer before you go.
Unrelated to this though- i want to work on my will. I will put everything in your name and go skydiving without a parachute.
Actually this isn't unrelated. There's a direct correlation to my will and you ignoring me.
Mark my words. Write these words down. Write 'em down!!! You'll be sorry. You'll regret this.
Silence. Chase gets up, turns the light on, and goes out into the living room. He comes back with a piece of paper and pen. 
Write this down, "I am going to regret this."
I wrote it down. 
While staying silent.
It feels like this blanket is hugging me, which is nice.
You gonna get the light?
Silence. I got up to turn off the light. And was laughing loudly! (but careful not to wake up Capri, too)

We actually have a hard time fighting about anything serious and resolving problems like adults bc my husband is always the comedian and I end up laughing. Sometimes you can find us furious with each other but trying to hide our smiles bc the intensity is too funny for us. It's quite the predicament!

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