Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the Babysitter

That's me! THE babysitter.
if you need a babysitter..... don't call me for at least a week. I'm pooped.

Monday- three babies 9 AM- 1 PM
Tuesday- three babies 7 AM- 1 PM
Wendesday- three babies 9 AM- 2 PM

And each day = three different baby groups (except Capri- she was a constant! and she was stoked with all the friends to play with. I only snapped pics Tuesday- so enjoy!) But really.... am i not ready for twins? haha. it would make all the nausea and headache side effects worth it from these hormone pills. most women wouldn't complain about aunt flo being mia for 8 months..... not me!

things are getting pretty serious, but don't worry. i chaperoned! 

Ok. I'm outta here and welcoming a much needed girl's night in a few hours! Over and out.

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