Monday, December 8, 2014

Catching up!

I was going to write five different posts, but then I thought- headache. So I will just keep them in clusters and catch up!

Last month, I hosted my first Murder Mystery Dinner Party for my friend Annie. It was her husband's birthday and she wanted to participate, so I was in charge of divvying up the parts and knowing the outcome. Who killed Elvis, with what weapon, and why?! Apparently- "Taylor Maid" in Provo rents out Murder Mystery Party kits! Score! I will host my own soon :) with my people! But still enjoying the night with Annie and Lance and their family was a blast. Whoever thought of this game is welcome in my home anytime. Genius!

Had a Happy Thanksgiving! A big family breakfast, Catching Fire, a big Thanksgiving feast, and family games! 
my s-i-l takes a lot of photos. esp on snapchat. i oblige willingly!

of course the babies got matching elmo jamies from their grammy :)

and cousin bathtime! as you can see- they were in heaven! 

And my parents celebrated their 31st anniversary! It has been so important to me to see a marriage last over the years in my parents. What a blessing! 

and i am always clicking on those facebook links of interesting facts. they really know how to draw me in..... um can you believe these two??

i was babysitting.
i noticed a mouse (half poisoned).
i don't know how long it had been there.
the babies wanted to touch it.
i hovered on the couch.
ciara came and rescued us.
zoomed in. 
either pregnant or bloated from poison.

other babysitting adventures

and then this happened. Capri likes to throw herself onto her stuffed animals. and I like to chase her.... she overshot and her forehead went straight into the corner of the wall. it was horrifying. i cried. she didn't. why didn't she cry? she kind of held her breath and then went into shock. i freaked out. i called my sister and got the signs of a concussion. she quickly recovered and i kept a close eye on her the rest of the night. 
the swelling is gone and now it is just green and purple. 

and on Saturday was my cousin's baptism. Capri dressed up as Fa, Mulan!

We've been enjoying our 25 days of Christmas ornaments, stories, and songs! Family dinners, work celebrations, and ward parties! Through all the commercialism and fun Christmas shopping, we love the increased spirit of Christ-like love around us and the importance of Christ's birth. 

And we're grateful for the family that we can celebrate with and that help us (babysitting= good work Ciara) raise our lil girl.
It's been quite the season and it's only begun!

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