Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holly Jolly

I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! My friend told me that makes today Christmas Adam (I thought that was pretty funny! Adam came before Eve :)!!!)

We've been hard at work and hard at play.
I've been loving the holiday season, the talks on His birth, the outings, and the time with family.

Ok honestly- I'm trying to watch Nashville (the show i'm most recently hooked on) and blog at the same time. Something's got to give! I'll make this quick then :)

coloring with my smoochie poo

a temple date this morning with becca.
it was the perfect day. 

i'm not surprised. 
she is not fond of men. 
she dislikes facial hair.
thus, she was terrified.

the Anderson Christmas party.
another successful annual time!

smiles and weirdos. i think i win the second pic!

we had an ugly sweater contest. and of course bryton won with his uncle butch sweater. it was very hilarious. 

a little denny's fun

that's her friend, dora


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