Wednesday, December 31, 2014

winter fun!

We had a beautiful Christmas week.

We went to Chase's grandparents Christmas Eve. We had great food, presents, and company. I especially loved when Chase, Bryton, and I sang "I Heard Him Come." I was so happy that Chase suggested the musical number and we followed through with his idea! It was amazing to feel the Spirit of Christ(mas).
We had a lovely massive blizzard on Christmas day and were snowed in at my in-laws and it was perfect! No where to go! Hot tubbin in the blizzard and playing out in the snow!

Capri wasn't so sure about the snow and sledding and what not at first. But after forcing her to participate one or two times, she now is a fan! I don't know how to manufacture brave kids. I was always kind of a scaredy cat growing up with rollercoasters and slides and what not (just ask Lauryn.... or Caleb....) and I wanna prevent that in Capri. Make them try every scary ride or activity once? Idk!

This Christmas was a great one with family and my testimony of the Christ child is burning bright.
I'm kinda looking forward to a couple months of life slowing down and enjoying these freezing days with a little bit of cabin fever. I need to catch my breath after all the hustle and bustle of one holiday followed by another and another.

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Lauryn Koski said...

Ha ha. The Colossus was your nemesis! You are a dare devil now:)