Thursday, January 29, 2015


i finished a book last night and i called chase into the bedroom when i turned the last page just to vent out on how LUDICROUS it was. i won't give away direct spoilers but from this posts.... you will get the gist of it- so avert you're eyes if you want to read it and want a total surprise. or you can still read this and see if you agree with me or not. 

and here is the trailer for this book: The Best of Me

Disclaimer: i read the whole book in two days (along with normal household and job responsibilities) so it wasn't a slow read or a total bore...... BUT those last 100 pages were terrible. Before that it was pretty Nicholas Spark-ish..... but those last 100 pages were TOO much..... why? 

Let me give you 5 reasons

1. George Tucker said it best on the last episode of Hart of Dixie 
George realized he didn't love Lemon and that he was really just in love with the nostalgia from a simpler time.
His exact words: 
But being back here with you made me realize I'm not in love with you.
I am in love with our past.
A simpler time.
When we still had our whole lives ahead of us.
We were there for each other for over half our lives.
And after we broke up, Lemon, I-I went on a miserable journey of self-discovery.
And I think the reason that I keep on getting drawn back to you is because life made sense to me when we were together.
But I'm tired of looking back.
Now, I got to look forward.
I got to push myself, get out of my comfort zone, you know? Think about the future and And leave our love story in the past.

THANK YOU GEORGE! You see.... the hormones of high school and the simplicity of youth are a dangerous thing to confuse with an old flame that is still burning. Hormones are not real emotions (or else my last year of pregnancy, miscarriage, and hormone pills would be a sad reality). Be an adult! Choose your love, love your choice. Your high school "love" cannot be compared to a marriage and the real world and real if you watched the trailer, you see that these people never moved on. problem number one.  oh also.....another disclaimer: i support those that married their hs loves (hey kina!) but i bet they're dating hs days look a lot different than their married with kids days! their love life is in order and they took the appropriate steps! so anywho..... these characters in the book are a hott mess. 

2. It gets worse.... apparently I am supposed to be proud of the (married) protagonist bc yes she kissed her ex-bf, yes they got completely undressed, and yes they were in bed..... but they never ACTUALLY did the deed...... no i do not respect that. you made a promise to your husband and made a life with your husband.. you crossed the line twenty chapters ago. be honest with your husband and end things before you start something else.....

3. OF COURSE they had to make her husband seem like an unfit husband.... i'm tired of that in popular culture! husbands are being portrayed as drunks, insensitive, stupid, lazy, or aloof...... no excuses to being "forced" to cheat, chica!!! handle your problems like an adult and confront your problems before you create another with someone that is not your husband.  

4. (this is a pretty big spoiler... so avoid) why do people always have to die, Nicholas? WHY!? Death does not solve dilemmas! and it was just too much how a heart transplant tied everyone together.

5. the male protagonist sat around his whole life and pined for his hs love..... i know these books are written for women so that's why the men are always so "loyal, accommodating, and obsessed" but can you imagine if that was real life? think of an ex-bf...... imagine if he was doing that.... he needs professional help! 
in fact, i'm thinking of a friend i know (who is in her late 40's- just like the characters in this book) and she DOES have an ex like that and we laugh about it..... we don't think it's romantic. 

Ok..... that was too much venting.... but welcome to a lil insight of my conversation with Chase last night and how we were laughing our heads off and furious at the same time! I gave it a ONE star on good read.... and 90% of the other reviewers were just as dissapointed as me. 

But of course I still need to see the movie.... see if they fixed it at all!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

papparazi and sundance

we were the total cliche of the papparazi at sundance! my first year going and it did not disappoint.

we had such a fun day finding celebrities, trying to get into the shows (some of us going- some of us not. i did not), parties and more parties, free giveaways, bus rides, food, and a lot of walking (my calves are burning today- embarrassing).

It was a beautiful winter day and it was so fun goofing around and making fun memories.
Capri was also in heaven with her grandparents- they are such a blessing.

My one shot at fame:
A producer came up to me and asked me my name and said he is happy we ran into each other. He then asked what I was work on and how I got into casting in LA. He was convinced he knew me. I kept telling him he has me confused. He asked, "So what do you do?" and I said "I'm a stay-at-home mom."
He finally was convinced that he did not know me. I felt cool for one second...... and I was still proud of my profesh! Best career and I'm lucky to be in this field!

Who did we see?
I'm not that good with names so here you go....
Kevin Bacon
Keiana Reeves (a lot)
Kellan Luntz
Jack Black (a lot)
James Franco
The guy from "Drive Me Crazy"
The guy from "Startrek"
The guy from "Arrested Development"
The girl form "Big Bang Theory"
Famous Viners
And Cody and others also saw:
Josh Hutchinson
Ryan Reynolds
Reese Weatherspoon
Brad Pitt

So what a success! If I ever go again, I think i will rent out a hotel room and see all the happening from a hot tub balcony! And weasel my way into more showings and exclusive passes!
P.s. if you didn't know, my sis-in-law snapchats ALL day long.... so she is the mastermind behind pics and the social queen that flirts and gets us in press conferences and backstage! note to self: be more brave like her

Friday, January 23, 2015

wailing and gnashing

well all i can think about right now is how Capri has started throwing tantrums and freaking out when I say no. and sadly i am weak when it comes to staying strong. i'm working on it. i used to be upset when she would just laugh when i said no.... we never appreciate what we have! this wailing and gnashing of teeth (sometimes she really does grind her teeth).... no thank you.
i spend a lot of time reading, doing puzzle, and playing with her.... not enough apparently? what happened to my well-mannered baby?

but she still has her cute moments. hence

i'm still enjoying babysitting these nuggets. they are the best!

typical movie night. man snuggles!

and earlier this week was this big guy's bday! i love you!!
 this is one of my fav pics with my dad! and while i was searching for this one i found other gems....


ok well one of those tantrums is occuring as she tries to mt. everest my lap! i must get up and remove myself from this tantrum!

Tracy Aviary

On MLK day- Chase and I both had the whole day off. It was so rare and a great day! We visited Tracy Aviary, stopped at my in-laws, ate at Red Lobster, and watched Bachelor! A pretty good day in my book!
We enjoyed the different activities with our different friends, too!

We have decided to take more advantage of where we live- see all the tourist spots and really explore! So this was one place on our list!

and we ate at Red Lobster.... bc Chase and Cody are insane and doing the "survivor diet". It all started when we were watching the finale of the last season of Survivor. They were talking about how skinny the contestants were and how exhausted they must be in the challenges and what not- then a lightbulb for went off for Chase apparently- bc his New Year's resolution was to eat like they do on Survivor for 30 days. Well that's like nothing- rice, beans, fish, bananas, and pineapple. That's it and in 1/4 c. increments! So yeah! Him and Cody have both lost 30 lbs each.... so I guess it's working. But on MLK day, I really wanted to eat out so we went to Red Lobster so they could have their "fish". But once we got there, they decided they would have a freebie! Eureka! And of course Bachelor is always a good time!

SOOOO.. Tracy Aviary.
5 things I learned and loved:

1. The vulture and hawk presentation
2. Learning that birds have to lay their eggs (they can't carry their babies in their bellies) or else they wouldn't be able to fly (and they'd be another animal's lunch)
3. The owls!
4. Feeding the ducks and swans
5. Capri walked the whole time and loved exploring (esp trying to catch the peacocks)

Ok time for pics!

seagulls eating us. and NOT taking us to nemo.....

we read so many maps, signs, and trivia games! we learned A LOT about birds! p.s. they are one of the oldest living animals. They have a condor that's 56 years old and still going strong. 


trying to run up this with no hands.... attractive pic


Thursday, January 8, 2015

catch up

just some random pics and vids :) as always

the modest bath shot :) when i am with the babies for 8+ hours.... i find anything to entertain!

blog reader, blog reader, who do you see?

NYE fun

daddies teach babies bad habits. throwing used tissues on the ground!

everytime i do a load- she will go see if it's on this cycle yet- she loves it!! 


My sister has been telling me about this show for months. I finally started it. AND AM HOOKED! and have been hooking those around me as well. Why is it so great?

the next Juliette Barnes

My Quiet Book

I have been meaning to blog about this and I finally remembered! This was a huge project for me and I love the way it turned out. Capri is still a little too young to have free reign with it and understand HOW cool the book is ;) but she still loves it! She knows exactly where her favorite pages are and flips back and forth and gets so excited when she sees the book- whether at home or church.

My favorite things about this book
1. You can continue to add pages
2. It is filled with all my love for my baby
3. The pages are so cute, creative, and doable (Becca made on already so we used her template a lot. Annie and I made ours simultaneously)
4. My sister and Kelly have matching ones (also my least favorite thing about it- triple the work was TOUGH sometimes. [Annie also made three! It was mayhem.])
5. I improved my sewing skills and knowledge (p.s. Chase got me a sewing machine for Christmas- so expect many more posts on sewing projects to come!)

A for Anderson

Capri's fav page- the family tree page! She loves ripping off those apples and putting them back on! 

Her second fav page! She's going to have her matching skills and colors down in no time!