Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Quiet Book

I have been meaning to blog about this and I finally remembered! This was a huge project for me and I love the way it turned out. Capri is still a little too young to have free reign with it and understand HOW cool the book is ;) but she still loves it! She knows exactly where her favorite pages are and flips back and forth and gets so excited when she sees the book- whether at home or church.

My favorite things about this book
1. You can continue to add pages
2. It is filled with all my love for my baby
3. The pages are so cute, creative, and doable (Becca made on already so we used her template a lot. Annie and I made ours simultaneously)
4. My sister and Kelly have matching ones (also my least favorite thing about it- triple the work was TOUGH sometimes. [Annie also made three! It was mayhem.])
5. I improved my sewing skills and knowledge (p.s. Chase got me a sewing machine for Christmas- so expect many more posts on sewing projects to come!)

A for Anderson

Capri's fav page- the family tree page! She loves ripping off those apples and putting them back on! 

Her second fav page! She's going to have her matching skills and colors down in no time!

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