Sunday, January 25, 2015

papparazi and sundance

we were the total cliche of the papparazi at sundance! my first year going and it did not disappoint.

we had such a fun day finding celebrities, trying to get into the shows (some of us going- some of us not. i did not), parties and more parties, free giveaways, bus rides, food, and a lot of walking (my calves are burning today- embarrassing).

It was a beautiful winter day and it was so fun goofing around and making fun memories.
Capri was also in heaven with her grandparents- they are such a blessing.

My one shot at fame:
A producer came up to me and asked me my name and said he is happy we ran into each other. He then asked what I was work on and how I got into casting in LA. He was convinced he knew me. I kept telling him he has me confused. He asked, "So what do you do?" and I said "I'm a stay-at-home mom."
He finally was convinced that he did not know me. I felt cool for one second...... and I was still proud of my profesh! Best career and I'm lucky to be in this field!

Who did we see?
I'm not that good with names so here you go....
Kevin Bacon
Keiana Reeves (a lot)
Kellan Luntz
Jack Black (a lot)
James Franco
The guy from "Drive Me Crazy"
The guy from "Startrek"
The guy from "Arrested Development"
The girl form "Big Bang Theory"
Famous Viners
And Cody and others also saw:
Josh Hutchinson
Ryan Reynolds
Reese Weatherspoon
Brad Pitt

So what a success! If I ever go again, I think i will rent out a hotel room and see all the happening from a hot tub balcony! And weasel my way into more showings and exclusive passes!
P.s. if you didn't know, my sis-in-law snapchats ALL day long.... so she is the mastermind behind pics and the social queen that flirts and gets us in press conferences and backstage! note to self: be more brave like her

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