Friday, January 23, 2015

Tracy Aviary

On MLK day- Chase and I both had the whole day off. It was so rare and a great day! We visited Tracy Aviary, stopped at my in-laws, ate at Red Lobster, and watched Bachelor! A pretty good day in my book!
We enjoyed the different activities with our different friends, too!

We have decided to take more advantage of where we live- see all the tourist spots and really explore! So this was one place on our list!

and we ate at Red Lobster.... bc Chase and Cody are insane and doing the "survivor diet". It all started when we were watching the finale of the last season of Survivor. They were talking about how skinny the contestants were and how exhausted they must be in the challenges and what not- then a lightbulb for went off for Chase apparently- bc his New Year's resolution was to eat like they do on Survivor for 30 days. Well that's like nothing- rice, beans, fish, bananas, and pineapple. That's it and in 1/4 c. increments! So yeah! Him and Cody have both lost 30 lbs each.... so I guess it's working. But on MLK day, I really wanted to eat out so we went to Red Lobster so they could have their "fish". But once we got there, they decided they would have a freebie! Eureka! And of course Bachelor is always a good time!

SOOOO.. Tracy Aviary.
5 things I learned and loved:

1. The vulture and hawk presentation
2. Learning that birds have to lay their eggs (they can't carry their babies in their bellies) or else they wouldn't be able to fly (and they'd be another animal's lunch)
3. The owls!
4. Feeding the ducks and swans
5. Capri walked the whole time and loved exploring (esp trying to catch the peacocks)

Ok time for pics!

seagulls eating us. and NOT taking us to nemo.....

we read so many maps, signs, and trivia games! we learned A LOT about birds! p.s. they are one of the oldest living animals. They have a condor that's 56 years old and still going strong. 


trying to run up this with no hands.... attractive pic


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