Friday, January 23, 2015

wailing and gnashing

well all i can think about right now is how Capri has started throwing tantrums and freaking out when I say no. and sadly i am weak when it comes to staying strong. i'm working on it. i used to be upset when she would just laugh when i said no.... we never appreciate what we have! this wailing and gnashing of teeth (sometimes she really does grind her teeth).... no thank you.
i spend a lot of time reading, doing puzzle, and playing with her.... not enough apparently? what happened to my well-mannered baby?

but she still has her cute moments. hence

i'm still enjoying babysitting these nuggets. they are the best!

typical movie night. man snuggles!

and earlier this week was this big guy's bday! i love you!!
 this is one of my fav pics with my dad! and while i was searching for this one i found other gems....


ok well one of those tantrums is occuring as she tries to mt. everest my lap! i must get up and remove myself from this tantrum!

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