Friday, February 27, 2015


I am sitting upstairs in my new ap't and blogging! Surreal! It's 3 times bigger. It's amazing. Julie (and I- but mainly Julie) have been decorating like crazy. But not until it's totally together can i share!! But promise when I say it's my dream! Julie is an artist!

Kids (and adult kids) have been saying funny things lately. Hence.

"What is this? An ipad or something"

5 year old Charlotte: I'm a white girl!
Me: What? 
Char: I'm white!
Me: Where did you hear that?
Char: I don't know
Me: Well what am I?
Char: You're a black girl
Me: How so?
Char: Your hair!
Me: Oh! Your blonde is white?
Char: Can't you see it? 

These two kiddos bowling, while Julie and I were house shopping/ decorating. Are they not obvy father and son?
But anywho- this morning Chase talking to Capri.
"Your mamma put you in a short skirt. Just remember when you're cold outside today, that pain is beauty. And it's most important in life to look good on the outside." 
Nice parenting!

Once again teaching good values

Last night's date night was mini golfing and a trip to Petsmart (just browsing). Capri was in heaven. I think i will make animal viewing a regular thing! 
She loved everything: fish, lizards, snakes, rodents, cats, birds, dogs, etc!

My life last week, this week, and next week. 
My results this week were STRONG, but not without a doubt twins kinda strong :) i will have my ultra sound next week after my blood result. If everything comes back great, no more tests and just a normal prego chick here! 
I don't have too many symptoms yet. Just mild ones that are controllable! I hope it stays this way as I continue to have a strong pregnancy :) 

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