Thursday, February 19, 2015

pregnant and strong!

soooooooooo.............. i waited exactly two days to tell my blog that chase and i are pregnant!!! but most people know how hard it is for me to wait (who knows how i waited for chase for two years? another heavenly miracle) and especially when it's good news, i'm a weak vault that anyone can crack!

i know i'm still in the scary stage of pregnancy but this pregnancy already feels strong! And this blog feels like my family and i'm a sharer.

i am going to wait for social media announcements until i'm out of the scary zone- but my blog? no waiting. no siree.

so this is a miracle to me and i am going to share tmi!

picture this: i went to winco with capri to grocery shop. chase and i are moving upstairs (a story for another post) and my in-laws are giving us their king bed. So after winco, i was going to go look for a simple bed frame at walmart. price check and what not. well..... at winco i bought the last pregnancy test on the shelf!
so when i got to walmart.... i thought i might as well check. (i was two days late for my period. BUT the doctor has been taking my blood tests every month after "ovulation" time since my miscarriage. They have been trying to see what my body has been doing since the miscarriage. So two weeks earlier- the blood test for February said i wasn't pregnant. but i thought- eh i can spend the $3 and put my mind at ease.)
so i'm in the walmart stall (with Capri) and before I even am done taking the test, it's a strong positive!! i start sobbing! i pull myelf together and fall to my knees in the stall on the gross tile of the walmart bathroom and say the most unsanitary but most sincere prayer of gratitude. it has been a year of doctors appointments, confusion, prayer, and hoping!

i called my mom and chase's mom (chase was at work. i have a real problem at telling others before chase.) and i didn't even do my shopping at walmart- i got straight in my care and drove to chuck.

he was greeting capri, when i pulled the test out of my pocket. he didn't even look at the results- he knew! he is so excited and his joy gives me the courage for everything that lies ahead! we are so blessed to have this beautiful soul growing in my belly!

kelly freaked me out saying that blue tests weren't as accurate so chase picked me up a pink test on his way home from work. 
extra positive

yesterday i called the doctor and they wanted me to come in and have my blood drawn. i got my results back and they came back strong.
in fact, my hcg level was at the 5 week range- which wouldn't be too weird (except for the fact that two weeks ago they know i wasn't pregnant). it's all a good sign!
my hcg is strong (which it wasn't with my miscarriage) but it's a little too strong if i tell you this next piece of the puzzle......
..... in the last year they have put me on fertility pills... they increased the dosage every month.... so in January I was put on the highest dose of clomid....... so that's a high chance of multiple births. (30% + chance) 
it all could be normal for a singleton (they never took my blood with capri so who knows what my "normal" is. we'll know more about multiples in a couple weeks) 

anyways!! just now while i was blogging the doctors just called me with some more blood tests results from yesterday and they said all my hormones for pregnancy are so good that i don't have to take any supplement hormones that they recommend for many women that had a recent miscarriage! i am looking strong and we could not be happier!

what a time of change and new blessings in our life!
i am so excited to be pregnant and i am just as excited to have this past year of fertility problems behind me! 

i hope i never forget how much i want to be pregnant and sick and continuously thanking Heavenly Father every day for this blessing!


Images Animated Gif said...
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Laura said...

AHHH YAY! I'm so so so happy for you, Marissa! You are such a wonderful mom and I can't wait to see the cutie that joins your family next. Capri will be such a great big sister! Congratulations!!

Shelby Alisa said...

Yay! Im so excited for you and its great you caught Chase's face! Congrats will be praying for a strong pregnancy!

Cyndi McConnell said...

so excited for you and your family!! i'll keep you and your pregnancy in my prayers!

Mom said...

So happy to be a grandma again. I love him/her already!!

Stacy Richards said...

Congrats Marissa!