Wednesday, February 11, 2015

walk, parks, and vids

it's been getting crazy here bc my beloved coworker is moving to oregon this weekend. (it's bitter sweet. her fam embarks on a new adventure. but she will be missed and now i have to find a replacement as experienced and hardworking)
we're all transitioning! 

i've waited too long to post (or i've just taken too many vids and photos on my phone since then.). either way i have a lot of visual aids to share!

so let's get to it.

superbowl fun

wild child

i've been walking daily and it feels great 
and it is great for my fitbit competitions with the fam.
the new provo temple is coming along beautifully!
walks with amazing views above and below

We have quite the independent baby on our hands. 

park time

set up this surprise today for chase's valentines week and for him asking me to marry him 3 years ago. 
sushi, flower plant, new fitbit (he felt quite left out. join the club!), card, balloons with chase adjectives taped to them

typical view of how my mom is greeted on facetime. 

now vids galore. if you are not my mom..... bypass all of these. she's really the only one interested in so much of her grandbaby. besides myself of course. 

fist shaker. 

it stems from the next vid. 
i always attack her and tickle her this way. one day she did it back and it almost killed me with cuteness. 

the way this goob "runs" 
aerodynamic i'm assuming

the fam had to say goodbye to chloe bug this week. 
i found this vid on my phone from a couple weeks ago. 

entertained by herself

is this not every kid's dream? riding a golf cart everyday?
maybe just mine. i would go golfing (and not golf) with my dad and brothers just to drive the cart!

another way to increase your steps on fitbit

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