Wednesday, March 11, 2015

dad's weekend & the ultrasound

My dad came into town this weekend to help clean out my grandpa's house. And Dad was so thrilled that it took Capri less than 5 minutes to warm up to him- it was huge compared to the last time she saw him (a seven day warm up) and she even started saying "Papa" (pa-pi!) She misses him a lot now that he's gone back to Texas.

Sunday walkin'

Grandma gave an Easter treat to Capri and she loved to give it kisses! 
She's sleeping with it in her crib right now! 

Cheesin it up with T&T

Dad wanted to drive and see the new temple in progress. It's looking spectacular!

A trip to zupas of course!

Oh just wearing my gramp's back brace as we're cleaning out the garage. Flattering and all!

Now for the rest of the week.
I started getting sick Sunday and it's still going strong.
I am not NEARLY as sick as I was with Capri. I have been able to handle it a lot better, take it easier, and choke it all down. 
I have thrown up three times- I can count it on one hand and I'm at 7 weeks? unheard of! 

i still have my moments of misery but i hope to be able to kick the pants off this pregnancy! 
so far- it's been amazing. totally tolerable and still healthy.
 i have been able to stay grateful for 99.9% of the time bc it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy! 
i also had my ultra sound monday and........ we are having one baby :) they checked a lot! so i feel that it's real and no more surprises! 
that means this one baby has had the hormone levels of multiples! keep it strong.
one perfect, healthy baby! i wanted twins (bc when am i going to be on fertility pills again?) but one baby felt right and i felt a little relieved! i can picture one little addition! i'm not scared anymore and feel perfect about it. 
we'll know the gender in May :) 
They made my due date Chase's birthday! So that's fun! October 28! 
And i feel it's a boy bc I'm less sick and the heart beat was average (capri's was way high) but none of that is scientific! And comparing pregnancies is useless. But it's just my feeling. I was dead wrong about Capri though so don't trust me! 
the little grape!

you can't tell in the picture but i threw up so hard- i popped blood vessels in my face (forehead). what the? we were at the park and trying to keep capri, chantelle, and charlotte from coming to explore in it. 
chasey let me take a nap for two hours today and watched the babe and it was heaven. sleep is key for getting relief and recharge.

yeah i should be more embarassed but i'm just smitten with chase instead. 

i can't wait to see if this little bun in the oven will be our triplet or more like chase's twin or the redheaded stepchild :) 

the besties

the park adventures

uncle chase takin a snooze in the background. 


ok it's getting late. i watched becca's rugrats today and i'm watching the nieces tomorrow. need some sleep. and chase is demanding back tickles. i will comply! more chatting later. this felt rushed :) 

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