Monday, March 23, 2015

Natural History Museum

Last week, we took the little tots to the Natural History Museum. We really enjoyed it and are excited to see more of Utah and all the fun museums, aquariums, hikes on our Utah list!
There really is so much to see and learn.
The architecture of this new building was awesome. The exhibits were great, too.
Science, archeology, geology, weather, mammals, and more! Our favorite was the dinosaur exhibit!
We'll let the pics and vids tell the rest.
the roof view

charlotte loved the ice age/dinosaur exhibit and kept saying how it was her favorite;
but towards the end, all the skulls and bones started freaking her out. it was adorable. 

chase and the girls. 
that gator in the background was terrifying. it could fit chase's whole bod down his guzzle without even chewing! i think it could give t-rex a run for its money. 

triceratops wall

the babies had quite the ordeal when they came upon this glass floor. 
it psyched me out, too, so i can see where they are coming from!
they had to cross glass like this three different times. 
so cute!

the girls in their element!
they were soaked!

a little dress up! I checked thoroughly for lice. paranoid. 

we had a blast! (even if we were stuck in traffic for two hours after trying to get to bluffdale!) 

the natural history museum followed by frozen yogurt made for the perfect day off with the kiddos!

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