Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our New Place Upstairs!!

It is a dream!
We LOVE it! We are so grateful and seriously can't believe how ideal our living situation is with my job.
It's almost totally put together and I am so pleased with our slice of heaven!

And now even more space with the new baby coming! So perf!

We esp love:
- the natural light and big windows
-the way it doesn't look as messy
-capri has so much space to run around (sorry raech downstairs)
-you can't hear all the noise in the ap't anymore; you have space and silence
-room to entertain
-washer and dyer room
-our new king bed
-Capri sleeps even better and longer with her bedroom no longer beneath a bathroom
-the stairs give me exercise
-and again storage/ space
-etc. etc.


good ole pregnancy meds corner

There are actually 2 separate rooms for the kitchen and living room. What a blessing!

My mother-in-law is amazing! She helped me SOOO much with the curtains and all the wall hangings. 
Esp this gallery wall. She has a serious talent! Thanks, Julie baby!

The door on the left is the laundry/storage room
The door on the right is the bathroom

A kitchen table! Another luxury for being upstairs. 

I love this wall and the quote of love and miracles!
Julie also has ideas for a plant arrangement for that shelf up there. 
She really has invested so much into our place :)

This is the view from Capri's room. And then showing Capri's door. And down the hall to the left is our room.
Chase put up these curtains today- so i love it so much and am finally blogging. So fresh and new. 

All of this used to be in Capri's room downstairs. 
This is honestly my favorite room in the house. It brings me so much joy to have the organization and these items tucked away in their own room! Laundry is a dream now and I don't have to coordinate around Capri's nap schedule anymore. It's the little things!

Food storage is more plausible now. Idk how far goldfish will get us in the apocalypse though!

Kelly, I apologize. 
I know the way I have folded these towels and sheets are driving your crazy. 
Chase is a better folder than me (when he does fold) but no roommate can compare to your skills. If you come over, I will let you fold them :) hahah jk I won't put you to work.


This crimped monster! She is obsessed with running her hands under the faucet! 
The only downside of this bathroom is that "it is a double sink but only one sink has a faucet".... it gives us counter space though :) #FWP

From both ends of the room. 
The rooms are MASSIVE upstairs!
We put our old queen bed in there- and it's wonderful for those rare occasions where she is up early and I wanna lay down while she plays! 
Capri will sleep on the queen when this new baby sleeps through the night.... Aka probably not till Capri is closer to 3. And then the babe can move from the pac-n-play to the crib. 

Her babies' crib next to her own.

A fav find from hobby lobby. 
Chase ended every mission tape with that song. 
And now I sing it to Capri every night. 
I love you a bushel & a peck.....

You can almost always find her (and charlotte and chantelle and any friend that is over) in this tent! That cheeseball!

From both ends of the room

Chase's closet and dresser.

My closet and dresser.

The most amazing king bed on the planet! We are never going back! We love it! and since I'm about to get huge- perfect timing!
Also, once again, my amazing m-i-l is working on awesome pillows for the bed. We've already bought the material and what not- she's halfway and they are to die for. When they're all done- that will be another post! After our spring break california trip :) 

Anywho- you can see that this place is a dream and we are so happy to be upstairs!


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the curtains look so awesome!

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LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!