Saturday, March 28, 2015

picture crazy

i love to take pics of capri. 18 months later and i'm still snapping pics daily!
squash for breakfast. delicious. 

working with mom is her favorite- even though she is always answering the phone, typing, highlighting, whining for the mouse, taking out files, and taking out the trash for me.... she tries to help. but it's more work for me. 

it's stinkin cute when customers come in though bc she says hi, reaches for the keyboard, grabs what comes out of the printer, hands it to them, and says bye. 
she's pro. been working since she was 2 months old so it makes sense. 

always have to take pics of her in outfits that were gifts and pic message them to the giver! 
thanks grandma anderson!

matching hair again! braids!! 
this was such a good day! 
chase and i once again had the whole day off. we had a picnic at discovery park and it was chase's first time. he was obsessed. so much in fact. that he and dave are going back, measure, take pics, and figure out how they can recreate it in dave's backyard. 

this gave us a good laugh

lookin' fresh for a blue lemon date with auntie lauryn
her hair is crimpy today and it's to die for

tried to capture how everytime i crouch down or pick something up, she hops on my back and hugs me. it's adorable. 
ok iphone pic cleared and up on the blog. done.

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