Monday, March 23, 2015

sweet moments

I have been meaning to blog for DAYS that's why there are quadruple posts.
but i had to share this.
I was feeling super emotional the other day. Shocker! 
I made some comment how I miss Chase's grand gestures. He went into our bedroom- so I assumed he wanted to be alone and/or was napping. About ten minutes later, he asked me to come in and he had set up a little couch-like setting right in front of our west facing window with a blanket so we could watch the sun go down together. It was magical with the cool spring air, the mountains, and the colorful sky! It was too tender. The lighting in the room made it difficult to capture it- but I did my best bc these are my favorite, heart-melting moments. 

my dad is in brazil right now for business and he got to spend yesterday with paulo (our brazilian brother from another mother). We really miss paulo, but we are glad we can keep in touch and dad could see him! We will get to brazil one day, too. 
This reunion really melts my heart with friendship and blows my mind on how small the world seems these days!

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