Wednesday, April 29, 2015

14 weeks

I only have one more day at 14 weeks so good thing I'm blogging today! Practically 15weeks but this pic is 14! So voila! 

Baby is the size of the lemon
about 3.5 inches!

I can actually already feel flutters and small movements- especially at night as I fall asleep. I fear and am excited that this baby is already more energetic and ninja-ish than capri. Capri was quite dormant and chill in the womb and her first year of life to be honest! 

I am feeling even better/ less sick now that I'm in the second trimester! I can go hours without my zofran, not a full day but hours is something! This pregnancy makes me want to have those 6 kids chase and i used to talk about! This pregnancy has redeemed my hope in handling oodles of pregnancies! We'll take one child at a time and see how life goes :) We are thrilled to be carrying this lil lemon!

I'm not showing but I can feel the snug. I may need to get my maternity clothes back from my friend who is borrowing them sometime in May :) 

Favorite moment this week was just talking and laughing with my sister on the phone. She's one of my best friends. I am scared to have girls, girls, girls bc the growing up dynamic of sisters wasn't always as lovely as it is now! 
But now that I have this amazing best friend sister mother wife in my life- I do want that sister dynamic for my kids! Even if the teenage years are rough ;) 

I am most looking forward to Chase and my weekend getaway this weekend! 
Also, the gender reveal next week and the payson temple openhouse with the fam! 

So..... one week from tomorrow is our gender ultra sound! I want to narrow the name down quick so my beloved mother and peeps can embroider and monogram things for the little babe! Chase and I are set on the girl name but those boy names toy with us! So feel free to comment or text your vote (what is this, dwts? that's what I'm watching on tv right now so it felt natural to type.)

(if there is miraculously another girl twin, probably Zoe)

Boy options: 

these last two aren't really real......
Rocko (this one isn't real to me but Chase insists I keep it in mind- so i put it on our blog list, big guy)
Schroeder (Chase will veto this forever.... but I want it so bad! I even dropped the "t" in my maiden name to make the kid's life easier. He said I could have it if we name our second son Max Thrust Anderson...... um that doesn't set him up for great career choices. But who will really ever know his middle name? I don't mind Max. The middle name is just horrible. I can't decide if I want to take the risk and pray we only have one boy..... oh the dilemma. I don't want my husband to hate my son's name though so it's just fun to tease chase with Schroeder.)

Anyways! Hope you don't hate 'em, but either way they'll grow into their name and be the cutest baby!

Other pics and things:

hard at work

she's not impressed by her wacko parents
pic texts for my mom

that little smile gets me every time

i pray i don't hang this low.
she is too smart with copying those around her.

Friday, April 24, 2015

April days

I seriously have so many pics of Capri and her beloved cousins. That's my life :) and it's so fun!
I'm in a really happy place right now and it's crazy to think where I was a year ago. I miscarried a year ago last Tuesday and it was hard for a while. My burdens have been lifted and I'm happy with all my challenges these days! 
Yesterday, Chase and I went on a drive (with Capri of course) to find some new campgrounds for the summer. We were talking and talking (and I was carsick and puking) but we talked at how lucky I am with this pregnancy. I don't feel 100% and perfectly healthy, but this pregnancy is still a dream. I am happy, can get all my responsibilities done, and still have energy left when the day is done! I am so grateful! 
Anywho- here are some catch-up pics! April has flown by and it's almost May! 

Char and Chantelle brought their bubble machine over one day- they obviously had a great time!

we went to the park to play, saw the ducks, and found these beautiful tulips! 
charlotte was extra entranced. 
and now the babies have a firm grasp on the concept and word "flowers."

then later that day we went to a mommy playgroup at the Thanksgiving Point Children's Museum. 
It was an amazing place! but maybe a little too much for me to watch all three of them by myself!
especially during the net bridge part- see next pic.

you can see 3 of the 6 net bridges in this picture. we crossed one and all was well- but then chantelle had a freak out (fear of heights, kina?) and started screaming bloody murder. and that made capri start balling. and charlotte wanted help, too. i should have turned back but didn't know how many there were in front of me still to go. 
so there i am - still feeling ill from my earlier in the day puking sesh- carrying two 18-month-olds and urging charlotte along. AND i was wearing a skirt (people were below). it was a hot mess! we made it through and i almost passed out- but the babies survived. 

Chase and I went to the dentist earlier this week with these munchkins (both cavity free- holla!) 
It was difficult to keep them under control (mainly bc Capri was being mean to Chantelle and that makes Charlotte protective, too- Capri had croup and was on steroids- aka a monster!) 
I went in to my appointment. then Chase and I switched. 
When we were walking out to the car- Chase told me he had to put Capri in time out 3 times bc she was pulling Chantelle's shirt, knocking her over, and kicking her for no reason. I declared that I, too, had to put Capri in time out 4 times bc she had it out for poor, innocent, confused Chantelle! Chantelle could easily overtake Capri with her stature and height, but she's much more sweet than our terror. Luckily Capri is off the steroids and back to her sweet(er) self. 

This is the most beautiful site!
Chase surprised me with this for our  3-year anniversary (it's next weekend) but he often gives me presents early :) I have rubbed off on him in a bad way that way! 
I planned a weekend getaway just the two of us for next weekend and he has already cracked me on where we're going and what we're doing..... it is so hard for me to keep good surprises! i told him to take two days off work and then he started hounding me on why! well surprise or no surprise, it's going to be a great anniversary and capri will have the best weekend with her grandparents :) 

Capri at 18 months!

A lil late on this post but it's busy season here at the storage facility with the semester ending for all the college students! I have actually introduced Capri to her first animated movies this last week and she loves them! Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and 101 Dalmations are some favs that I put on in the office playroom while I work! She doesn't need to be sitting on my lap now!

Anywho! Capri is healthy as a horse and growing up so quickly! Our little talker, copier, and dramatic diva! We couldn't love her more and I am spoiling her even more thinking of these six months where I can focus all my attention on her until her new little sib comes! We find out the gender in less than 2 weeks! I will be shocked if they tell me it's a girl (such a diff pregnancy) and shocked if they tell me a boy (bc I can't picture anything but baby girls bc of Capri)- so basically I am shocked that I'm pregnant with whatever is in there!

Ok back to Capri!

She is strong and seems to look like a Schroedter but taller like an Anderson!
Weight: 25.0 and 73 percentile
Height: 33 in and 78 percentile
Head: 48.5 cm and 93 percentile (thank goodness she was only 50 percentile when she was born!)

Some fun facts about this little nugget:

  • She's been calling Chase by his name, "Chase" about half the time lately and it makes me laugh
  • She knows my name is Marissa and I'm not really sure how (Chase never calls me by my name). If I ask her who Marissa is, she points at me but she still calls me Momma every time!
  • She knows over 20 body parts
  • She can count to 3
  • She LOVES the park and goes to one everyday! Whenever we drive by one, she freaks!
  • She knows about 50 words, but can copy almost everything!
  • She especially loves Grandpa Anderson
  • Her fav people in the world are Charlotte and Chantelle (even though she has been a bully to Chantelle lately- good thing she doesn't hold grudges)
  • Her fav songs are Popcorn popping, the clean up song, 5 little monkeys, and the Piggy toe song
  • She is always wearing shoes, holding shoes, lining up her shoes, and wearing my shoes
  • She has been scared of engines (planes, trains, cars) lately and she's quite frantic over it
  • She HATES mascots of any kind
  • She is a very obedient and good baby, but does go in time out a couple times every day bc she has sass and an attitude (apple doesn't fall to far from the tree)
  • She is finally staying in nursery the whole time (with some tears here and there!)
  • She knows (not sure how much she actually comprehends) and points to where "Mommy's baby" is in my belly (half the time she points to my chest so that's great) and then where "baby Capri" is when she points to herself.
  • She is constantly talking and I can understand 1/50th of it
  • She loves to help with sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, and making the bed
  • She loves dogs, ducks, and horses! She knows about 4 animals and their sounds. 
  • She sleeps about 11-13 hours a night and then a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon! I shouldn't get used to sleep, I know :) 

We love our little Capri-pri!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

San Diego Family Trip

This Anderson trip will be a lifetime memory! We had so much fun, a lot of laughs, and just a pleasant time with the whole fam! A whole group of adult children with grandchildren- you can brace yourself for fun, crazy, chaos, hiccups, fighting, crying..... the first two yes but none of the latter!
Imagine the loud, rambunctious Anderson family having the perfect, most peaceful time! That was our trip! What a blessing. Everyone had fun, no one was injured, no one got sunburned (big for the fair skin Andersons), only one person threw up (yours truly- but that's to be expected), no car trouble, only awesomeness!
Even the kids were in heaven- they did miss their nap times a few times but with all the ocean, animals, food, cousin time, and fun rides- they wanted more more more! Capri has had quite the adjustment to her boring life back at the storage facility without her cousins. But she has been kept busy with busy season of BYU and UVU getting out for the summer:

Good thing we're reuniting tonight for Kina's birthday :)
I love spending time with my in-laws and think they are some of the best people out there.

Okay pic time.

We stayed in Vegas before and after our time in San Diego! We were able to see Grandma Joyce and Corey (who missed the Diego part for work!)

It was a great Spring Break!

Aunt Ciara taking care of Capri on the car ride down

fun times at the park!

 pool time at Great-Grandma's in Vegas

the first evening on the beach. capri was hesitant on the sand for a moment! 
but then she became obsessed.
and every time she saw the beach and ocean she squealed and ran for it!

some family photos in paradise

these two!!

Easter morning!
Right outside the hotel, there was an interesting stadium Christian program going on from 6 am - 9 am.
Bible swaying, choreograph dancing, hip hop praising!
So my point is - it was hilarious and we got an early start to the day. 
The kids loved their easter egg hunt! Even the babies were cruising and finding those eggs quick!

Grandma's bunny outfits. Complete with tail! 
Capri learned what a sucker was.... a big mistake.

We had a full beach day! I was super sick this day but this was actually the best day to get sick. I was able to lie on the beach and tan and relax most of the day! Best sick prego day I've ever had!! 

Capri spent HOURS scooping sand into this bucket! There was a playground on the beach, as well. She played on it over and over. It was in the 60s and not quite warm enough for full body swimming, so we just walked in the water. It didn't stop the boys though. They enjoyed boogie boarding and body surfing! 

There was a delicious diner at the end of this pier! A fun walk. People fishing off the pier and seals swimming and a delicious lunch!

Starting the morning off early for Universal Studios!
Capri's french braids lasted about an hour.... But these girls were too cute to boot!

While everyone else road rides and rollercoasters- I was on baby duty! It was good for the most part.... and then there were moments like this.

Such obedient children.

 There was actually a lot for me, the kiddos, and everyone to do at universal. it was a blast. 

That LA view

Grandkiddos with their grandparents. and some simpson guy.

The next day was Seaworld. It was my favorite day but I unfortunately took one pic. and was given another one from kina.... so there's that. But who cares- bc it was awesome!

I loved watching Capri clap, holler, and raise her hands above her head as she screamed for all the whales, seals, dogs, bird, dolphins, etc! What a magical place that helps and rescues animals (curse you, black fish!) I love Seaworld!

a nice dinner in Old Mexico! Delicious and full with a mariachi band. 

Packing up to go home but the kids just wanted to surf!

All the grandkids! ..... for the next 6 months anyway :)

the girls.... and preston!

the boys and grandkids

the san diego group.
i regret those sweat pants for this pic- but they were fantastic for the drive home :)

pitstop in vegas till all the way back to provo. grandpa soaking up all his grandkids!

so happy with our awesome trip!