Wednesday, April 29, 2015

14 weeks

I only have one more day at 14 weeks so good thing I'm blogging today! Practically 15weeks but this pic is 14! So voila! 

Baby is the size of the lemon
about 3.5 inches!

I can actually already feel flutters and small movements- especially at night as I fall asleep. I fear and am excited that this baby is already more energetic and ninja-ish than capri. Capri was quite dormant and chill in the womb and her first year of life to be honest! 

I am feeling even better/ less sick now that I'm in the second trimester! I can go hours without my zofran, not a full day but hours is something! This pregnancy makes me want to have those 6 kids chase and i used to talk about! This pregnancy has redeemed my hope in handling oodles of pregnancies! We'll take one child at a time and see how life goes :) We are thrilled to be carrying this lil lemon!

I'm not showing but I can feel the snug. I may need to get my maternity clothes back from my friend who is borrowing them sometime in May :) 

Favorite moment this week was just talking and laughing with my sister on the phone. She's one of my best friends. I am scared to have girls, girls, girls bc the growing up dynamic of sisters wasn't always as lovely as it is now! 
But now that I have this amazing best friend sister mother wife in my life- I do want that sister dynamic for my kids! Even if the teenage years are rough ;) 

I am most looking forward to Chase and my weekend getaway this weekend! 
Also, the gender reveal next week and the payson temple openhouse with the fam! 

So..... one week from tomorrow is our gender ultra sound! I want to narrow the name down quick so my beloved mother and peeps can embroider and monogram things for the little babe! Chase and I are set on the girl name but those boy names toy with us! So feel free to comment or text your vote (what is this, dwts? that's what I'm watching on tv right now so it felt natural to type.)

(if there is miraculously another girl twin, probably Zoe)

Boy options: 

these last two aren't really real......
Rocko (this one isn't real to me but Chase insists I keep it in mind- so i put it on our blog list, big guy)
Schroeder (Chase will veto this forever.... but I want it so bad! I even dropped the "t" in my maiden name to make the kid's life easier. He said I could have it if we name our second son Max Thrust Anderson...... um that doesn't set him up for great career choices. But who will really ever know his middle name? I don't mind Max. The middle name is just horrible. I can't decide if I want to take the risk and pray we only have one boy..... oh the dilemma. I don't want my husband to hate my son's name though so it's just fun to tease chase with Schroeder.)

Anyways! Hope you don't hate 'em, but either way they'll grow into their name and be the cutest baby!

Other pics and things:

hard at work

she's not impressed by her wacko parents
pic texts for my mom

that little smile gets me every time

i pray i don't hang this low.
she is too smart with copying those around her.


Shelby Alisa said...

I like Graham and Sawyer, and as for Max Thrust, we have friends who named their child Joseph Danger, we always ask how Joey Danger is doing....

Limited said...

Sawyer is my absolute fav, and then probably Graham. I actually like all the other ones too by themselves, but when you say them out loud with Anderson... Hudson Anderson is a lot of "son". Just something to think about!!! But, you're right - no matter what you name him - he'll grow into that name! Oh, no. It better be a boy because I'm already referring to it as a "he" :)

Limited said...

Haha. "Limited" is Kina. I'm not sure why it didn't publish my name...