Friday, April 24, 2015

April days

I seriously have so many pics of Capri and her beloved cousins. That's my life :) and it's so fun!
I'm in a really happy place right now and it's crazy to think where I was a year ago. I miscarried a year ago last Tuesday and it was hard for a while. My burdens have been lifted and I'm happy with all my challenges these days! 
Yesterday, Chase and I went on a drive (with Capri of course) to find some new campgrounds for the summer. We were talking and talking (and I was carsick and puking) but we talked at how lucky I am with this pregnancy. I don't feel 100% and perfectly healthy, but this pregnancy is still a dream. I am happy, can get all my responsibilities done, and still have energy left when the day is done! I am so grateful! 
Anywho- here are some catch-up pics! April has flown by and it's almost May! 

Char and Chantelle brought their bubble machine over one day- they obviously had a great time!

we went to the park to play, saw the ducks, and found these beautiful tulips! 
charlotte was extra entranced. 
and now the babies have a firm grasp on the concept and word "flowers."

then later that day we went to a mommy playgroup at the Thanksgiving Point Children's Museum. 
It was an amazing place! but maybe a little too much for me to watch all three of them by myself!
especially during the net bridge part- see next pic.

you can see 3 of the 6 net bridges in this picture. we crossed one and all was well- but then chantelle had a freak out (fear of heights, kina?) and started screaming bloody murder. and that made capri start balling. and charlotte wanted help, too. i should have turned back but didn't know how many there were in front of me still to go. 
so there i am - still feeling ill from my earlier in the day puking sesh- carrying two 18-month-olds and urging charlotte along. AND i was wearing a skirt (people were below). it was a hot mess! we made it through and i almost passed out- but the babies survived. 

Chase and I went to the dentist earlier this week with these munchkins (both cavity free- holla!) 
It was difficult to keep them under control (mainly bc Capri was being mean to Chantelle and that makes Charlotte protective, too- Capri had croup and was on steroids- aka a monster!) 
I went in to my appointment. then Chase and I switched. 
When we were walking out to the car- Chase told me he had to put Capri in time out 3 times bc she was pulling Chantelle's shirt, knocking her over, and kicking her for no reason. I declared that I, too, had to put Capri in time out 4 times bc she had it out for poor, innocent, confused Chantelle! Chantelle could easily overtake Capri with her stature and height, but she's much more sweet than our terror. Luckily Capri is off the steroids and back to her sweet(er) self. 

This is the most beautiful site!
Chase surprised me with this for our  3-year anniversary (it's next weekend) but he often gives me presents early :) I have rubbed off on him in a bad way that way! 
I planned a weekend getaway just the two of us for next weekend and he has already cracked me on where we're going and what we're doing..... it is so hard for me to keep good surprises! i told him to take two days off work and then he started hounding me on why! well surprise or no surprise, it's going to be a great anniversary and capri will have the best weekend with her grandparents :) 

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