Friday, April 24, 2015

Capri at 18 months!

A lil late on this post but it's busy season here at the storage facility with the semester ending for all the college students! I have actually introduced Capri to her first animated movies this last week and she loves them! Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and 101 Dalmations are some favs that I put on in the office playroom while I work! She doesn't need to be sitting on my lap now!

Anywho! Capri is healthy as a horse and growing up so quickly! Our little talker, copier, and dramatic diva! We couldn't love her more and I am spoiling her even more thinking of these six months where I can focus all my attention on her until her new little sib comes! We find out the gender in less than 2 weeks! I will be shocked if they tell me it's a girl (such a diff pregnancy) and shocked if they tell me a boy (bc I can't picture anything but baby girls bc of Capri)- so basically I am shocked that I'm pregnant with whatever is in there!

Ok back to Capri!

She is strong and seems to look like a Schroedter but taller like an Anderson!
Weight: 25.0 and 73 percentile
Height: 33 in and 78 percentile
Head: 48.5 cm and 93 percentile (thank goodness she was only 50 percentile when she was born!)

Some fun facts about this little nugget:

  • She's been calling Chase by his name, "Chase" about half the time lately and it makes me laugh
  • She knows my name is Marissa and I'm not really sure how (Chase never calls me by my name). If I ask her who Marissa is, she points at me but she still calls me Momma every time!
  • She knows over 20 body parts
  • She can count to 3
  • She LOVES the park and goes to one everyday! Whenever we drive by one, she freaks!
  • She knows about 50 words, but can copy almost everything!
  • She especially loves Grandpa Anderson
  • Her fav people in the world are Charlotte and Chantelle (even though she has been a bully to Chantelle lately- good thing she doesn't hold grudges)
  • Her fav songs are Popcorn popping, the clean up song, 5 little monkeys, and the Piggy toe song
  • She is always wearing shoes, holding shoes, lining up her shoes, and wearing my shoes
  • She has been scared of engines (planes, trains, cars) lately and she's quite frantic over it
  • She HATES mascots of any kind
  • She is a very obedient and good baby, but does go in time out a couple times every day bc she has sass and an attitude (apple doesn't fall to far from the tree)
  • She is finally staying in nursery the whole time (with some tears here and there!)
  • She knows (not sure how much she actually comprehends) and points to where "Mommy's baby" is in my belly (half the time she points to my chest so that's great) and then where "baby Capri" is when she points to herself.
  • She is constantly talking and I can understand 1/50th of it
  • She loves to help with sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, and making the bed
  • She loves dogs, ducks, and horses! She knows about 4 animals and their sounds. 
  • She sleeps about 11-13 hours a night and then a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon! I shouldn't get used to sleep, I know :) 

We love our little Capri-pri!

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