Sunday, April 12, 2015

San Diego Family Trip

This Anderson trip will be a lifetime memory! We had so much fun, a lot of laughs, and just a pleasant time with the whole fam! A whole group of adult children with grandchildren- you can brace yourself for fun, crazy, chaos, hiccups, fighting, crying..... the first two yes but none of the latter!
Imagine the loud, rambunctious Anderson family having the perfect, most peaceful time! That was our trip! What a blessing. Everyone had fun, no one was injured, no one got sunburned (big for the fair skin Andersons), only one person threw up (yours truly- but that's to be expected), no car trouble, only awesomeness!
Even the kids were in heaven- they did miss their nap times a few times but with all the ocean, animals, food, cousin time, and fun rides- they wanted more more more! Capri has had quite the adjustment to her boring life back at the storage facility without her cousins. But she has been kept busy with busy season of BYU and UVU getting out for the summer:

Good thing we're reuniting tonight for Kina's birthday :)
I love spending time with my in-laws and think they are some of the best people out there.

Okay pic time.

We stayed in Vegas before and after our time in San Diego! We were able to see Grandma Joyce and Corey (who missed the Diego part for work!)

It was a great Spring Break!

Aunt Ciara taking care of Capri on the car ride down

fun times at the park!

 pool time at Great-Grandma's in Vegas

the first evening on the beach. capri was hesitant on the sand for a moment! 
but then she became obsessed.
and every time she saw the beach and ocean she squealed and ran for it!

some family photos in paradise

these two!!

Easter morning!
Right outside the hotel, there was an interesting stadium Christian program going on from 6 am - 9 am.
Bible swaying, choreograph dancing, hip hop praising!
So my point is - it was hilarious and we got an early start to the day. 
The kids loved their easter egg hunt! Even the babies were cruising and finding those eggs quick!

Grandma's bunny outfits. Complete with tail! 
Capri learned what a sucker was.... a big mistake.

We had a full beach day! I was super sick this day but this was actually the best day to get sick. I was able to lie on the beach and tan and relax most of the day! Best sick prego day I've ever had!! 

Capri spent HOURS scooping sand into this bucket! There was a playground on the beach, as well. She played on it over and over. It was in the 60s and not quite warm enough for full body swimming, so we just walked in the water. It didn't stop the boys though. They enjoyed boogie boarding and body surfing! 

There was a delicious diner at the end of this pier! A fun walk. People fishing off the pier and seals swimming and a delicious lunch!

Starting the morning off early for Universal Studios!
Capri's french braids lasted about an hour.... But these girls were too cute to boot!

While everyone else road rides and rollercoasters- I was on baby duty! It was good for the most part.... and then there were moments like this.

Such obedient children.

 There was actually a lot for me, the kiddos, and everyone to do at universal. it was a blast. 

That LA view

Grandkiddos with their grandparents. and some simpson guy.

The next day was Seaworld. It was my favorite day but I unfortunately took one pic. and was given another one from kina.... so there's that. But who cares- bc it was awesome!

I loved watching Capri clap, holler, and raise her hands above her head as she screamed for all the whales, seals, dogs, bird, dolphins, etc! What a magical place that helps and rescues animals (curse you, black fish!) I love Seaworld!

a nice dinner in Old Mexico! Delicious and full with a mariachi band. 

Packing up to go home but the kids just wanted to surf!

All the grandkids! ..... for the next 6 months anyway :)

the girls.... and preston!

the boys and grandkids

the san diego group.
i regret those sweat pants for this pic- but they were fantastic for the drive home :)

pitstop in vegas till all the way back to provo. grandpa soaking up all his grandkids!

so happy with our awesome trip!

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