Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day

A lil sneak peak of my mother's day :) just for a moment. 
a temper tantrum. 
wouldn't be mother's day without it. 

two of my favorite mother's out there! so lucky to have them as mother's in my life and grandmothers to my capri! 

Ciara drove all around Provo looking for me at church on sunday. she found me at her third church and gave me the sweetest flower and card. she is so thoughtful and her words were perfect! totally unexpected and amazing since chase was at work all day. 
mother's day and thanksgiving- busiest day's at chuck. no one can get them off ;( 
i spent a lot of my day thinking of my sadness last mother's day and feeling for all those hurting with miscarriages and infertility. luckily, when chase came home, he was able to cheer my heart right up. it is a great day but also a hard day for others. 
i had a lot of love that day. 

Capri and Chase made me that "LOVE" painted sign for mother's day. Chase painted it white and Capri did the color! I think it turned out profesh! and Chase bought those candle sticks bc he saw that they matched. i loved the gifts! julie made that amazing shadow box to the left of some of chase's missionary love from our mission days. i'm obsessed! 

this wasn't on mother's day- this was yesterday. me and the kiddos were at the "park and wait" at the airport waiting for my mom to land! i have no pics of my mom yet! (she'll be here for 3 weeks so i'll get 'em) but this pic is awesome. those babies slept wonderfully while charlotte and i jammed to disney pandora. 

the night before mother's day i babysat chelsea so her  mom (39 weeks prego) and dad could have some final date time! the babies were adorable. see videos!! 
sorry for this ragamuffins hair! she can't always be perfect ;) 

"ashes ashes"

they thought it was hilarious to run around the recliner and "hide" from me

even funnier when i ignored them as they played

my life. "mamma, mamma, mamma" 
and i was cooking dinner and she was just on the couch watching tarzan...... too lazy to get up and come find me- so just hoping i'll oblige her call. classic

and the last video- capri hiding from her grandma last night and getting just the reaction she desired!!

so lucky to be this baby's mamma and have lil baby boy cookin, too! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Baby BOY!!!

This is always me since the day I get pregnant until that revealing ultrasound!

We couldn't believe it! We are so excited!
The ultrasound tech was able to get a good view 6 or 7 times! Very confident that he's a boy! I asked that she show us the gender area and let us guess before she told us. I saw and said, THAT'S A BOY! and Chase, Julie, and Ciara also couldn't believe their eyes as they evaluated him. 
"You are right. It's a boy!" I started crying and squeezed Chase's hand! This was a dream come true! My fear of having all girls is no longer necessary! Actually hearing a technician say it's a boy was unbelievable. I would have been happy with a girl! Really happy! But having that baby boy and this new experience is so exciting for Chase and I! We are having that precious baby boy I've always dreamed about! We are so excited and Capri is so excited to be eating a cupcake at 8:45 AM! 

Will the baby be a cute little Capri with a fohawk or a little blonde, blue-eyed Chase? Oh he's going to be the cutest little one ever! 
We are 99% sure his name will be Sawyer Chase Anderson. (as in Soy-yer)

Later that morning, we went to the Payson temple open house! Walking through the beautiful architecture, many levels, and house of God was amazing! It was an awesome day! I had an overwhelming feeling of going to the temple with my children when they are older and ready! And knowing that we are all sealed and they are born in the covenant. It was powerful and the temple was spectacular! 

It's so fun how Chase keeps looking at me, touching my belly, talking to his SON, and telling me "It's a boy! Can you believe we are having a boy? It's a boy!" 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week of Friends!

I am a big extrovert and need to be around people! I know Capri is a person but it's not always enough! Gasp! Chase is very busy with providing and schooling and what not. So normally once a day & sometimes more, I have get togethers and hang outs with friends. This week I actually took pictures!
I most often hang out with Cody the Cousin. Besides Chase, I see him most! And recently- I am spending so much fun time with Racheal from downstairs! Our friendship has been so fun and easy! But there are other friends that I am lucky enough to see weekly or what not, too! Taylor lives down the road and sometimes I am lucky enough to see that goob! The in-laws!!! Fellow moms: Annie, Becca, Nichole, Kerri, Mary, Rachel, etc.

I saw Kelly yesterday..... yeah it had been months. So sad it had been so long but worth the wait! Every time we planned something, there was illness or last minute emergencies! I vow to never go that long again! Her girls are the cutest and I love how Reagan is a couple years older than Capri bc I see what my future looks like and how I can grow into those mothering skills. Both of Kelly's girls are so great and I was lucky to see them. Oh and Kelly, too ;) We just played and talked! Wonderful!
Ring-around-the-rosies and hugs!
My prettiest

Today I was able to visit with Annie and Amanda and the babes!!

I need to take more pictures of my adult friends rather than just my niece and baby friends :) Beautiful ladies!

Other catch-up items to clear my phone and be up-to-date......
Had a super sick moment yesterday and this little angel was so concerned about me. She knows what throwing up is... see next video. It amazed me that she knew to rub my back- she knew that was a comforting notion. It melted my heart so I had a second to snap a pic. TMI! 

that midnight to 5 am night... i gave up around 3:30 and let her watch Tarzan on the ipad. She was the cutest as she screeched like a monkey and was very concerned about "baby crying" - when baby Tarzan is attacked and saved by his ape mother! 

They have diapers on! But this site was too adorable to Charlotte and myself! 
These are my real best friends, let's be honest! My world! 

she is getting ready to be a big sister!
i often clean her face, hands, and feet when i change her diaper!
so she grabbed wipes and a diaper and cleaned her baby right up!

Anniversary Getaway

I need to blog today bc tomorrow is the big gender reveal and that deserves space of its own! It less than 12 hours- we will know if this baby is a boy or girl! AHHHHHH!

Anywho. So this last weekend Chase and I were able to spend Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday morning just the two of us! It was amazing and Capri was in her own slice of heaven with her Anderson grandparents. Thank you thank you, Dave and Julie! She didn't miss us one bit. The struggle was real for me missing her though- but I didn't show it bc I didn't want to hurt Chase's feelings. I am with Capri SOOOO much that I feel really uncomfortable being away from her! Chase can't really relate bc he is away from us so much daily! Regardless, it was amazing to be alone with Chase and have so many adventures. My favorite thing about the weekend was actually being out of my comfort zone, walking the streets, experiencing new things, and seeing Chase in a  new setting. It was that giddy new dating feel the whole weekend.

we exchanged presents earlier in the week, but still wrote letters to each other for the day of. ever since the mission days of letters, i have a permanent need of letters from chase!
i love how he signed it XOXO, Gossip Boy
he knows how to make me laugh and he just gets me

First, we went to the "best burger joint" in Utah for lunch. It was called "Lucky 13" and I can legitimately say it was the BEST burger I have ever had (and I'm not a Mrs. Steak Burger gal but it was heaven! Chase broke his diet on our anniversary getaway and he was elated with this place!) We didn't fit in bc it was a bar-type place, but once again- fun to be out of our comfort zone and fun to be carded!

Then we went to see the movie, Insurgent! Fabulous!

Then we checked into our hotel downtown! It was so comfy and nice! I had a rough night the night before with Capri (she was awake from midnight to 5 am..... yeah.....) so we relaxed and napped. She does this once in a blue moon! but they always land on my nights- i swear! backstory: to keep the peace with chase and i (who are both obsessed with our sleep) we have certain nights. He does Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and I do the others! It was a genius plan for us! Solved a lot of our late night mumbles and grumbles!

Then we walked around downtown- Salt Lake is an amazing little city and there was so much to explore that I've never noticed nor seen! We stopped by and saw my friend Mary and her amazing etsy booth in City Creek. She is such a role-model to me! Super woman!

Then we had the always-amazing Cheesecake Factory. We ate like Kings and Queens this day!

Then we kept walking around the city and went to my beloved Temple Square. We saw a proposal

and our fav T-square sister, Dani! We chatted for quite a while. It was such an uplifting time for me and I remembered all over again how amazing my mission is!

We kept walking around until our comedy show started at 10 pm! It was such a lovely evening and Chase and I love a good laugh. It was similar to "Whose Line Is It Anyways"! The clean, gut-busting humor made for a perfect caboose to our evening!
First one there! Front row!

We walked back to the hotel around midnight and crashed!

We were going to go to Music and the Spoken Word in the morning...... sleep won. But we made it back for church with the in-laws and our beloved Capri. I loved all the pics I got of Capri while we were partying! She's perfect!

I always look forward to our anniversary! Every anniversary has been so special and a great time for Chase and I! It's at a great time of the year for school being over and the warm season starting! I love it! Year three was our best yet and I so look forward to year four!