Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day

A lil sneak peak of my mother's day :) just for a moment. 
a temper tantrum. 
wouldn't be mother's day without it. 

two of my favorite mother's out there! so lucky to have them as mother's in my life and grandmothers to my capri! 

Ciara drove all around Provo looking for me at church on sunday. she found me at her third church and gave me the sweetest flower and card. she is so thoughtful and her words were perfect! totally unexpected and amazing since chase was at work all day. 
mother's day and thanksgiving- busiest day's at chuck. no one can get them off ;( 
i spent a lot of my day thinking of my sadness last mother's day and feeling for all those hurting with miscarriages and infertility. luckily, when chase came home, he was able to cheer my heart right up. it is a great day but also a hard day for others. 
i had a lot of love that day. 

Capri and Chase made me that "LOVE" painted sign for mother's day. Chase painted it white and Capri did the color! I think it turned out profesh! and Chase bought those candle sticks bc he saw that they matched. i loved the gifts! julie made that amazing shadow box to the left of some of chase's missionary love from our mission days. i'm obsessed! 

this wasn't on mother's day- this was yesterday. me and the kiddos were at the "park and wait" at the airport waiting for my mom to land! i have no pics of my mom yet! (she'll be here for 3 weeks so i'll get 'em) but this pic is awesome. those babies slept wonderfully while charlotte and i jammed to disney pandora. 

the night before mother's day i babysat chelsea so her  mom (39 weeks prego) and dad could have some final date time! the babies were adorable. see videos!! 
sorry for this ragamuffins hair! she can't always be perfect ;) 

"ashes ashes"

they thought it was hilarious to run around the recliner and "hide" from me

even funnier when i ignored them as they played

my life. "mamma, mamma, mamma" 
and i was cooking dinner and she was just on the couch watching tarzan...... too lazy to get up and come find me- so just hoping i'll oblige her call. classic

and the last video- capri hiding from her grandma last night and getting just the reaction she desired!!

so lucky to be this baby's mamma and have lil baby boy cookin, too! 

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