Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week of Friends!

I am a big extrovert and need to be around people! I know Capri is a person but it's not always enough! Gasp! Chase is very busy with providing and schooling and what not. So normally once a day & sometimes more, I have get togethers and hang outs with friends. This week I actually took pictures!
I most often hang out with Cody the Cousin. Besides Chase, I see him most! And recently- I am spending so much fun time with Racheal from downstairs! Our friendship has been so fun and easy! But there are other friends that I am lucky enough to see weekly or what not, too! Taylor lives down the road and sometimes I am lucky enough to see that goob! The in-laws!!! Fellow moms: Annie, Becca, Nichole, Kerri, Mary, Rachel, etc.

I saw Kelly yesterday..... yeah it had been months. So sad it had been so long but worth the wait! Every time we planned something, there was illness or last minute emergencies! I vow to never go that long again! Her girls are the cutest and I love how Reagan is a couple years older than Capri bc I see what my future looks like and how I can grow into those mothering skills. Both of Kelly's girls are so great and I was lucky to see them. Oh and Kelly, too ;) We just played and talked! Wonderful!
Ring-around-the-rosies and hugs!
My prettiest

Today I was able to visit with Annie and Amanda and the babes!!

I need to take more pictures of my adult friends rather than just my niece and baby friends :) Beautiful ladies!

Other catch-up items to clear my phone and be up-to-date......
Had a super sick moment yesterday and this little angel was so concerned about me. She knows what throwing up is... see next video. It amazed me that she knew to rub my back- she knew that was a comforting notion. It melted my heart so I had a second to snap a pic. TMI! 

that midnight to 5 am night... i gave up around 3:30 and let her watch Tarzan on the ipad. She was the cutest as she screeched like a monkey and was very concerned about "baby crying" - when baby Tarzan is attacked and saved by his ape mother! 

They have diapers on! But this site was too adorable to Charlotte and myself! 
These are my real best friends, let's be honest! My world! 

she is getting ready to be a big sister!
i often clean her face, hands, and feet when i change her diaper!
so she grabbed wipes and a diaper and cleaned her baby right up!

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