Wednesday, June 10, 2015

side effect

oh it's so romantic waiting for a missionary, right? RIGHT! it really is :) my dreams came true the day Chase came home and I was more in love with him than ever.
I didn't realize there would be some less than ideal side effects. One of those being jealousy. Chase used to be the least jealous guy I've ever met, let alone dated!
But when you are in love with someone for two years and they love you back, yet they are dating while you're gone..... it can seem hurtful. Even if you decided before the mission that it was the correct course to take!
So hence some insecurity and jealousy. Just a little hiccup we had long talks about and sometimes still have to reassure and resolve. It's more funny now than anything. We've been married long enough and what not, that he isn't as bugged..... but there are rare occasions.
For example.....
The other day we were studying Jesus the Christ together. Chase found this in my missionary copy and started going on and on about Paul.
Paul, huh? Paul? I thought no guys wrote you on your mission. Etc.
I was shocked myself, because it didn't ring a bell. So I took it and examined it.

And this was on the back.......
So yah. From one of my mish companions

And Chase is officially jealous of a 2000 year old missionary from the New Testament! Haha! We laughed for a long time. Even Chase couldn't help but laugh. And sometimes I still chuckle when I think about the whole scenario.

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