Wednesday, June 10, 2015

splash pad and camping fun!

this summer is going to be full of splash pad visits and camping! this is our happy place!

cousin time!

charlotte loved it! even in her made-up swim outfit!

capri also couldn't be pulled from the water!

chantelle howeve was a lot more comfortable just watching and sitting on this rock 99% of the time

except when capri would yell, "chantelle! chantelle! come here" 
and then physically grab her hand and drag her to the fountains!

and then a couple days later, i took capri again. it was cloudy and cold out- so she preferred the slides and swings! 

monday night we had a little fhe camping trip! It was glorious! 
Being in nature is so therapeutic- for a night or two :) 

capri was in heaven! 
exploring! sitting in this mini chair. blowing dandelions. collecting sticks! 
a kid's playground! 

the boys! took care of everything so i barely had to do any work! 

the boys on their air mattress...... that went flat. 
we'll patch that asap!

and the girls on their air mattress! that was amazing and comfy all night!
capri slept like a champ from 9:30-6:30 (pretty good with the new environment, noises, and early sunrise!) 

and more summer fun
went with some friends to hear the amazing, free, british, brass band at the park on sunday
 with our picnic and good times!

just picasso with her paint in the tub!

capri is terrified when i catch her putting soap bubbles in her mouth! hahah. we love to watch this video over and over and see her jump a mile high!

"bless you" 
this polite sweetie!
she comes up with all these new tricks every week and they kill me!

and of course this little guy!
our 20 week ultra sound was last week.
everything looked great and he was quite the somersaulting fool!
but we do have to go back to check some areas that the tech couldn't see with all his movement and contortionist ways!
yay! i'm down for another insurance-covered ultra sound! 
as capri is watching me blog and she sees this ultra sound pic, she is jumping and shouting, "baby!" 
i didn't even teach her that but she has been listening and observes everything- even at the live ultra sound she would shout, "baby!" 

well, the you go! there is a little insight to our summer. outdoor fun and a pregnant summer for this fam! 

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