Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the flower girl wedding

Capri was the sweetest flower girl at our cousin's wedding last weekend. The whole day went beautifully and I was so happy for them, especially Amanda! It's always a worry as a bride that there will be disasters, but the whole day was a smashing success! And I was very relieved that my one-year old was able to accomplish her flower-girl duties!
Practicing all week and right before the ceremony started!

moral support from her cousins

aunt ciara the bridesmaid, who was a big help to capri getting down the aisle!

the vows were in session, but capri was dedicated to her flower-girl task....... petals everywhere. luckily everyone thought it was adorable and a nice touch. 

more wedding fun

also i'm obsessed with their wedding song's first dance!

also from last weekend. i was able to help a fellow katy ward member get to byu music camp. it was emma's first time to utah! so we had some fun touring and saw good ole temple square!


 and i was able to meet up with college roomie babes at the splash pad in springville on friday (it is my fav splash pad so far!) and i love to be reminded of how much i love these bffs and their fams!

and to close with this cute video.
one of her favorite books! she is killing me with all her tricks and cuteness!
love modern technology that can capture it all. it's going to be even more fun to look back at when she's older! 

Funny moment:
"Babe! You're looking pregnant today!" -Chase
"What?" (I really didn't hear him too well) -Me
"I mean you are looking good and pregnant. I love seeing you pregnant." -Chase repeats nervously
"Haha. I wasn't grilling you. Thanks! I know for some reason you like this bloated look." -Me

In fact, the other day I overhead Chase and my cousin Dallin talking about how they love it when their wives are pregnant and they are even more attracted to them..... hahaha. Speaking of! My cousin had her baby yesterday and I can't wait to see him later this evening! Little Finn!!!!

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

I'm sitting in bed reading your blog, and Chad is laughing at me because I'm totally into the whole bear story. Capri is adorable, and she's only going to get cuter - so be prepared!!! :)