Thursday, July 2, 2015

catch up from june

these little couch potatoes! which one just woke up from her nap?
i became a member of the disney movie club last month...... 6 classics for $25. don't mind if i do!...... and i am guilty of letting capri watch about 1-2 disney movies a day! we also go outside and do other things.... but yeah. she LOVES movies now, just like her mamma! i love the way she says the movies. so i'm typing 'em for my memory log!
she loves elsa (frozen)
cats (aristocats)
punzel hair gone (tangled- that last scene where her hair gets cut off was quite a traumatic experience for capri apparantely- she tells me about it multiple times a day. that girl's memory is crazy!) 
unan (mulan)
irella (cinderella) 
tarzana (tarzan)
monters (monster's inc) 
bugs (bug's life) 
adin (aladdin) 
fish (little mermaid) 
emo (finding nemo)
i've been trying to introduce her to ALL of them bc i can only take one movie so many times! 

i was emailing my brother grant in madagascar and he asked for some belly pics. so here i am at about 22 weeks. i am now 24 weeks and surprisingly bigGER!
 i thought i'd post these flattering pics bc you can see how capri's demeanor changes in a split second. happy to curious to tantrum! 
glad to see you've come early, you terrible twos! i love it though :) more snuggles and practice on how to be a good mom (aka a patient, disciplining mom)

meeting the newest little angel straight from heaven! nothing competes with holding a newborn! so pure and so much happiness! and i LOVE hearing birth stories. finn's was quite exciting! you're a champ, lauryn. 
and baby sawyer was kicking little finn like crazy as i held him- you will be reunited soon enough lil man! i'm 6 months tomorrow. that's psycho! 

oh just multi tasking and working! the girls love to go with me on lock checks! 
and i love to do lock checks on the golf cart!

another evening at the splash pad! the springville splash pad is my favorite. 

just snap chatting my bro

this past weekend we went to the manti pageant, four-wheeled, and camped as an anderson clan. some in chad and kina's trailer and some in our tent! it was a wonderful weekend getaway. and we had some great discussions and insights from the pageant- esp with all the political hullabaloo going on right now! i was on baby duty A LOT (pregnant all summer does that to ya) but that's where i feel most comfortable these days to be honest. 

all the anderson grandkids together! they play and laugh a lot. i love how they get a long! we went on hikes, rides, and played a lot of games! sometimes they fight- but that's good for them :) esp capri and preston since they are an only child!

i really do believe chantelle is capri's best friend. then probably grandma. 
i use "chantelle" all the time to bribe capri. good parenting skills. 
"do you wanna see chantelle?" then we need to put your shoes on. 
"do you wanna get in the car and go get chantelle?" then let me change your diaper. 
"do you wanna see chantelle tomorrow?" then you need to go to sleep and have good dreams.
and 99% of the time we are seeing chantelle later that day! and capri NEVER forgets when i mention seeing chantelle. she often wakes up and the first thing she says is "jantell!" 
if for some reason plans fall through, she is whining for "jantell" the rest of the day!

the pageant started at 9:30 PM which was a little rough for the babies- but they both fell asleep fairly quickly and i, personally, got a lot out of the pageant. thank you, chase, for getting capri to sleep! 

both of us are going blond this summer. one of us naturally and the other got highlights.... and yesterday i was sending pics to my mom...... i die at the last one where capri was mid cough. hahaha. 

when you see capri next and she has a bald spot or a new widow's peak.... you'll know why. she does this A LOT and i stop her A LOT. 
my mom said my little bro gave himself rug burns bc he would do the same thing. yikes!

yesterday we received two batches of boy clothes! some 0-6 months and some 2T! thank you, melissa and becca! so amazing! and so cute! Capri loved sorting them with me as we showed Daddy. 
"So cute!" 

And now i have caught up on June, my iphone pics can be cleared, and we can prepare for the fourth and texas! we have a fun weekend planned with the andersons! breakfast, bbq, fireworks, etc. 
and then monday we're off to texas to see the schroedter bunch! i cannot WAIT!!! blogs to come i'm sure :) Happy Fourth! 

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