Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Texas visit!

Yesterday, I returned from the great state of Texas. We were able to have a huge Schroedter reunion. We are getting to that age that we have to start the reunions for ourselves! All of us living all over the country and having babies of our own. We missed Shelb's husband and of course, Grant in Madagascar.

The memories were priceless and I'm so grateful for the family I have!

Didn't have the best traveling experiences but we're alive and all was well in the end. 
During this two hours flight delay, I learned that Capri can count to 10! Woah! 
A lot of delayed flights. Cancelled flights. Moral of the story: I am only booking flights that are first thing in the morning from now on. Less chance of things getting pushed back and cancelled!

The fam that could make it to Texas!
and then we found a stranger and Dad joined the pic!

All the Schroedter grandkids.... for three more months at least :) and technically Sawyer is in the pic. 
We went to see Inside Out and it was cute! And Capri did really well for her first movie theater experience! The popcorn and walking back and forth to Mamma and Gramma helped! 

While waiting for some of the others to get out of Jurassic World, we played at the indoor playground!

These beauties! And Capri being a goof!

My parents were in heaven all week with all their grandbabies under the same roof! They are really amazing grandparents! How lucky that Capri has two stellar families and grandparents that love her like crazy!

Another day we went to the public beach club pool. They had paddle boats. 
It was a lot of work! And we had a full boat!

It is a lot of work getting us all to and from places! The amount of cars, equipment, and coordination is impressive. It's only going to grow as the fam grows!

Capri's typical swimming stance in the pool (see background). She loved to get her hair wet and float on her back. Her fearlessness of the water always keeps me on my toes!

We had each family prepare a meal one night. I liked that idea and we were able to enjoy lots of different kinds of meals! And we didn't put my poor mom out so much!

This new park by my parents house was awesome. 
And this first pic was just to show us chaperons doing what we do best. Sitting and watching. The texas heat was killer on my pregnant bod!

More chaperoning driveway duty while the kids played in the cul-de-sac!

TexMex food! Yum!
Jimmy Changas!
And the granddaughters were inseparable. Millie and Aubrey were adorable with Capri. Carrying her, always worrying about her, caressing her face, and being so funny with their little "baby". 

I thought this pic of my sister with her two kids was beautiful! Love it!

We were in my parents pool every day! 
Chase LOVED dominating in volleyball! At one point it was him vs all the girls. He will tell you he won by a landslide!
And the Andersons would find it funny that I'm a "tall one" in my family and had to be on the deep end side. It's fun being a shrimp in one family and a tall one in the other. 

We tried this new burger place, Freddy's..... and it was delicious! i loved having Chase with me in Texas with the whole fam. 
esp since this week he is at scout camp and i miss him terribly.

All the kiddos always had to be sitting together!

More pool time

and post pool baths

they all got pretty good at sharing. 
and Andrew and Capri's rivalry was cracking me up! Capri loved to go up to Shelby and say "My mamma." and just wait to see what Andrew would do. That little stink!
Capri was also a master at knowing and saying everyone's name. She was held for over a week straight. "I can't say no to her when she says my name!" was the adults constant excuse. Hey I can't blame 'em :) so that's been fun these past two days detoxing her from so much fun, attention, and coddling! 

the besties

Capri loved Millie's dress up clothes! These heels were giving Shelby and I belly laughs!

We were able to be there with the Fairwell family as Scott received his endowments. It was a beautiful session! No Fairwells in the pic but we loved seeing them and going to the temple together. Thanks Caleb, Garrett, and Kristi for watching the kiddos!

Dad was a genius at getting a pre-Brazos bend pic. AKA we all look decent and not too sweaty.... yet. 
We were able to go right when it opened one morning but the Texas heat was still extra brutal! I was a swollen raspberry but it was worth it!

The girls had the good life on this outing!

This pic makes it look like I was hard at work pulling the kiddos during the trip...... I probably pulled for 10 minutes max the whole walk! Thanks Chase, Dad, and Tay for pulling the babies!

Took some action shots so people would know (that haven't been) what this alligator reservoir is like! 
Well I actually have Dad the Paparazzi King to thank for all the pics. 
The gators just walk across the path in front of you and swim alongside you! 
They don't get fed by the park rangers and everything is natural (feeding and breeding and what not. The park ranger I asked said if they did feed them, then anytime they saw a human- they would come up to you demanding food! well i'm glad that's not the case.) 
We saw the most aggressive alligator we've ever seen this trip! A 15 foot male trying to eat a smaller gator (probably 4 feet) it was crazy! Chase and Tay stayed back to observe while all of us booked it out of there. Especially with our young that make the perfect snack. 

Another big male we saw just chillin in the sun!

Mid walk pic. 
 The swelling and sweating has begun!

At the end!
We saw about 40 gators so it was definitely a success!

more public pool time

One of my fav pics of the whole trip! Andrew takes the cake!

Another fav! Capri had more popsicles and juice this one week than her whole life combined!

A 25 week pregnancy shot! 15 weeks left! Crazy!
I had another ultra sound this morning and everything is still looking perfect and of course my baby is measuring big! Not surprised!
I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow with the sugar juice- gag! But I'll get through it :) #FWP

Tried to get them to stand and cradle their bellies. Aubrey has the correct stance and Capri is holding her belly! 

That church life!

And then back to Utah! Had to wake up at 2:30 AM Utah time for our flight! and thankfully Capri slept on the flight to Denver and the flight to SLC! What a champion! 

We had the most amazing time! And we're so grateful to our parents for their hospitality, welcoming all of us, and organizing the whole reunion! Next year, Grant will be home and baby Sawyer will be here! Crazy!! I now have another family reunion to look forward to every year! What a blessed week!

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