Monday, August 31, 2015

our sunday walk at the lake

yesterday we went on a nice sunday walk.
the weather was perfect! cool and with rain clouds brewing. 
the cool winds were heaven!

and the beauty was everywhere
in the mountains, water, stones, ducks, seagulls, clouds, boats, sunsets, etc!

Capri was in heaven with all the rocks, sticks, and birds! She fell a few times in the mud and got soaked in the water but that just gave her that cute diaper baby look..... cute/ trashy- it was hard to say ;) in my opinion, cute!
and i was loving chase's tied sweater and fanny pack!

trying to be artsy! 
and in the next pic my dress is more tucked to not be so huge :)
pulling teeth to get chase to snap pics when he's trying to enjoy the moment! poor guy.
i am 32 weeks and feeling big! but beautiful!
the old wives tale has been true for me with "when you are having a girl, she drains all the beauty from the mother and leaves her feeling ugly while a boy enhances her beauty."  
baby boy has really made me feel beautiful! less unpleasant side effects (i.e. weight gain, swelling, barfing,  bacne, stretchmarks, etc- it has been way better and a totally different pregnancy with baby sawyer!)  

two lovebirds!
i hope our baby boy is a mini chase with capri's porcupine hair (blonde would be a hoot!) 

Chase making fun of me as I snapped a pic of his stick art
I heart M+C+S (Marissa, Capri, Sawyer)

My favorite people! 

The human form of perfection in my book :) 
It was such a nice sunday! A resting, spiritually-fed, church-going, family walking Sunday!

heidi returns

my beloved companion heidi has moved back to utah! it was amazing seeing her and i am so glad to have her close! landon and capri aren't boyfriend and girlfriend YET but all with due time :)
my mission blessed my life and other's!
heidi as my sister friend was definitely one of those tender mercies!
i also was able to see my trainer earlier this month! no pics of that reunion dinner.
temple square is the best and utah as the hub is the best :) so fun to see us all get married, have babies, and journey through life together! nothing has changed when we get together!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Rifle, CO and then some!

This past weekend we went to Rifle, CO for our cousin's wedding. It was at this beautiful waterfall and I loved the canyon landscape! 
Of course no pic of the couple or the ceremony or the reception..... but some great pics of the 10 people that are always on my blog :)
This was true Colorado territory with people rappelling and being all granola-y! It was a great trip and I loved the getaway (even if the 5 hour car ride was too much for me.... but my in-laws took such great care of me! Giving me the front seat and helping with Capri like crazy! she's always hated the car.... she's getting better. I hope baby Sawyer isn't so anti! And like always, Chase entertained us the whole car ride.)

The other beautiful Anderson family there!


Pappa with his granddaughters!

We stopped at a park, went out to eat, and had some great family time!

We also stopped outside of Vernal at this national park to see this amazing dinosaur quarry. This is an actual wall that they have chipped away at and shown the dinosaur bones. One of the most concentrated places in the world of late Jurassic dinosaur bones. This used to be a river bed and when the tectonic plates shifted, the ground slanted and made this awesome wall of bones! I was seriously impressed and loved it!

The dinosaur on the left is a replica of how one was exactly found in the ground! Cool! Capri definitely got good at saying the word "dinosaur" and was a huge fan! 
The pic on the right is from the second story of the dinosaur wall! 

Caleb got a phone..... so these texts and snapchats are  bombarding my phone all day! What a hoot!

My lesson last Sunday was on the last couple days of Christ's mortal life and the kids drew amazing pics of specific scriptures in Matthew! The selling, betrayal, cutting off the ear, trial, Pontius Pilate, the abuse, Barabbas, the Queen of Pilate, cock crowing, and walk to Calvary! 
The Spirit was really strong and I loved the interpretations from the children! 

Some bouncing fun at Lowe's Xtreme Sport! Capri became really brave and dove into the foam pits and jumped on the tramps continuously! 
Enjoyed cousin and sibling time!

A poker night! I lost my $3 in pennies and nickels slowly but surely..... Tay and David made out like bandits!

Capri eating all of T&T's snacks

The one time in Capri's whole life she got to sleep in our bed with us. She woke up at 5 am and it was Chase's night. So voila.... but i have to admit, i LOVED it. i can see why parents choose this route. It was adorable and I couldn't stop staring at this angel!

31 weeks with baby boy!

A date night last week with Frisbee golf and dinner. Chase kicked my butt! 
I love our alone time! 
He's the best thing to ever happen to me... and the best thing (relationship) I've worked on every day since!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

summer days

Chase starts school in a week and a half. He's not thrilled. But he's over half way done with school and he'll keep pushing through.
i was always kind of a school lover and it's funny being married to someone who very much dislikes the official school way of learning!
Anyways- my point is that we've been cramming in as much summer as possible!
a little mini golf.
it was capri's first time actually playing and she was loving it and is such a good copy cat!

Liberty land sweethearts!
Liberty land was one of our first dates! 
and with our pass of all passes, we get to go there for free a lot!

We made Capri ride all the baby coasters.... she had some moments of hesitation but all in all was a champ and asked for "more, more, more"

i've made a new goal to go to the temple more (by myself bc chase's work schedule till 10 pm is hard to plan) and i am normally free after 6 pm- so what's my excuse? 
it has also been good for me to do something without capri. i am so dependent on that little cutie! she has become my identity! i am going to work on having more "me" time now and esp when baby boy comes! anyways. going to the temple has been great. 
and brought back peace and clarity into my life even stronger! what a blessing to have the provo temple and the almost completed provo city center temple so close! 

this pic is just to remember the hilarious prank we played on julie, my mother-in-law. 
we took her phone out of her phone case (the one she is always raving about- how indestructible and water proof it is). 
we put a piece of green cardboard in the case to make it look like her phone. 
then we put it in the toilet. 
then told her chantelle was doing the potty dance. 
she took chantelle to the toilet..... 
and we got the reaction we wanted. 
we videoed it but she won't let me post it.... too much profanity! 
hahah it was an awesome prank though! success. 

some summer park nights! live band, delicious food, bouncy castles, booths, etc!!

the crew

two graceful swans....

what a great summer it's been with all my beloveds!
still have some time left! hopefully be able to make another summer day post :)

a touch of anxiety

this week (yesterday to be exact) I had what felt like an anxiety attack I imagine. I've never had one before and it wasn't too crazy but it was definitely a moment! You see, this week I decided to put Capri in a big girl bed and potty train her. Then Tuesday, Chase cleaned out our storage unit and brought up all of the baby boy items (swing, crib, breast pump, clothes, etc) bc I am two months out and would have made him do it in a couple weeks anyways :) and let's just say all three of those changes and the baby furniture staring me in the face..... i started feeling VERY overwhelmed and had a melt down! I prayed and called my sister (she's moving to London so she knows about stress) and texted Kerri (she's in Germany with a toddler and new baby- she knows what's up!) and felt better. Then Capri woke up from her nap and pooped in the toilet and I felt WAY better!! it was just the little sign of hope i needed.
motherhood is constantly changing and i'm embracing it :) i'll let capri go poop or pee when she wants but i've decided not to stress myself out with the potty training. i wanted to wait until baby sawyer came anyways bc i heard newly trained toddlers regress.... but the past month capri has been ripping her diaper off after she poops or pees..... so i'm going to resort to duct taping if the potty training thing is too much for me right now! we'll see how the rest of the week goes. she's had great success for it being just a couple days!
anyways! it turned out to be a great day and i feel confident and happy again :) and i spent the evening with becca (who coincidentally started potty training her almost 3 year old yesterday) so we laughed and bounced tips off each other. i always feel better after hanging out with bec.
So I've been talking to my doc about getting induced at 39 weeks..... that means baby boy will be here in 9 weeks and 2 days! AHHHHH

Capri clapping and cheering herself on as she successfully went in the potty! She immediately demands her candy and to facetime grandma to tell her how big she is!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dad and Cay come to Utah! and Paulo too!

My dad and Caleb came up for a wedding of a family friend. They stayed for over a week and we had LOTS of family time and fun! They left this morning and Capri is having withdrawals!
We did A LOT and my dad took A LOT of pics :) Case and point......
We went bowling! 
Capri was obsessed! Her and I were on a team and we got a whopping 49 points!
Dad won! Tay and Chase were close behind him!

and since we were on BYU campus bowling, we decided to see Dave. He showed us around all the labs and 85% of what was said went over my head! Thank goodness for engineers and that I am not one of them!
Capri with her favorite Pappas and Daddy!

On another night we had a fun dinner with old friends from Indiana! The Freeze's and the Gillenwater's! We mocked our parents with how many different pic combinations were taken! This is the girl combo!

The toddler combo! Cole and Capri were adorable! Dancing, kissing, and cracking me up!

The Prego combo! Both due in October!

The Schroedter combo

The grandpas with their grandbabies combo
hahaha. there were many more pics but i spared you ;)

Another day we had the delicious Chuck-A-Gramma for lunch! Thursday (Mexican night) never disappoints! There taco salads are my fav!

Taking Capri to the splash pad one evening!

Capri was go-go-go all the time! This is the FIRST TIME EVER she has fallen asleep randomly (not in her crib or carseat). We were playing the wii at T&T's and I could not believe my eyes. It was too quiet and I looked for Capri.... she was out! I loved it! It happened 2 more times that week! 
Amazing! Or maybe not such a great thing.... shows how sleep-deprived she was. I'll be mom-of-the-year starting now! 

Taking my glucose test... I was fasting for 5 hours (that's a blogpost all on it's own- what a hot mess- and I don't care to rehash it) and even though I was jealous of Capri's banana- I thought she looked so cute. Esp with those shoes! Thanks, Chantelle! You keep growing like a weed girl, and giving Capri your hand-me-downs!

Taryn snapped this a couple nights ago..... when husband and wife become the same person. Weird! Ha!

Grandpa is always snapping the pics :) Cool dude

We hadn't seen our Brazilian buddy, Jaoa Paulo, in two years and it was awesome he could stop by for the weekend! He was doing an internship in Chicago for a month and made SLC a quick stop! Doesn't seem so far when you think of Brazil's distance! It was awesome seeing him and it was like nothing changed... except Capri was alive this time! 

A true American breakfast for our Brazilian 

He wanted to see the Provo temples and it was so beautiful walking the grounds

The fam hiked Timp this year! Cody was there but taking the pic, too!
I did not... for obvious reasons. I was going to hike as far as I could but thought I'd better do my glucose test while they were all busy that morning. So yeah! No swollen hot dog fingers for me!

I still reaped the benefits of eating at Olive Garden with them afterwards! Delish!

A fun family picnic with the Byrne's!
My old seminary teacher from Singapore :) Love them so much!

Crazy when you're at the point that you have 16 year friendships and it seems like yesterday! Indy and Capri were ADORABLE together! And holding little Ava was surreal! And Owen was over the pics!

We ate out a lot. Gyros and Swig! YUM!

Saying bye to dad this morning in the office! I hardly have any pics at my job or with Raech, my co-worker but that's really what 80% of my life is like :) I need at least one pic with her. I'll work on that!
this blog has too much false advertisement with how i spend my time!
 I love my job and that Capri can be with me! She's the customer's favorite anywho!

Thanks for coming to visit Dad! and Caleb! xoxoxo