Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a touch of anxiety

this week (yesterday to be exact) I had what felt like an anxiety attack I imagine. I've never had one before and it wasn't too crazy but it was definitely a moment! You see, this week I decided to put Capri in a big girl bed and potty train her. Then Tuesday, Chase cleaned out our storage unit and brought up all of the baby boy items (swing, crib, breast pump, clothes, etc) bc I am two months out and would have made him do it in a couple weeks anyways :) and let's just say all three of those changes and the baby furniture staring me in the face..... i started feeling VERY overwhelmed and had a melt down! I prayed and called my sister (she's moving to London so she knows about stress) and texted Kerri (she's in Germany with a toddler and new baby- she knows what's up!) and felt better. Then Capri woke up from her nap and pooped in the toilet and I felt WAY better!! it was just the little sign of hope i needed.
motherhood is constantly changing and i'm embracing it :) i'll let capri go poop or pee when she wants but i've decided not to stress myself out with the potty training. i wanted to wait until baby sawyer came anyways bc i heard newly trained toddlers regress.... but the past month capri has been ripping her diaper off after she poops or pees..... so i'm going to resort to duct taping if the potty training thing is too much for me right now! we'll see how the rest of the week goes. she's had great success for it being just a couple days!
anyways! it turned out to be a great day and i feel confident and happy again :) and i spent the evening with becca (who coincidentally started potty training her almost 3 year old yesterday) so we laughed and bounced tips off each other. i always feel better after hanging out with bec.
So I've been talking to my doc about getting induced at 39 weeks..... that means baby boy will be here in 9 weeks and 2 days! AHHHHH

Capri clapping and cheering herself on as she successfully went in the potty! She immediately demands her candy and to facetime grandma to tell her how big she is!

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