Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dad and Cay come to Utah! and Paulo too!

My dad and Caleb came up for a wedding of a family friend. They stayed for over a week and we had LOTS of family time and fun! They left this morning and Capri is having withdrawals!
We did A LOT and my dad took A LOT of pics :) Case and point......
We went bowling! 
Capri was obsessed! Her and I were on a team and we got a whopping 49 points!
Dad won! Tay and Chase were close behind him!

and since we were on BYU campus bowling, we decided to see Dave. He showed us around all the labs and 85% of what was said went over my head! Thank goodness for engineers and that I am not one of them!
Capri with her favorite Pappas and Daddy!

On another night we had a fun dinner with old friends from Indiana! The Freeze's and the Gillenwater's! We mocked our parents with how many different pic combinations were taken! This is the girl combo!

The toddler combo! Cole and Capri were adorable! Dancing, kissing, and cracking me up!

The Prego combo! Both due in October!

The Schroedter combo

The grandpas with their grandbabies combo
hahaha. there were many more pics but i spared you ;)

Another day we had the delicious Chuck-A-Gramma for lunch! Thursday (Mexican night) never disappoints! There taco salads are my fav!

Taking Capri to the splash pad one evening!

Capri was go-go-go all the time! This is the FIRST TIME EVER she has fallen asleep randomly (not in her crib or carseat). We were playing the wii at T&T's and I could not believe my eyes. It was too quiet and I looked for Capri.... she was out! I loved it! It happened 2 more times that week! 
Amazing! Or maybe not such a great thing.... shows how sleep-deprived she was. I'll be mom-of-the-year starting now! 

Taking my glucose test... I was fasting for 5 hours (that's a blogpost all on it's own- what a hot mess- and I don't care to rehash it) and even though I was jealous of Capri's banana- I thought she looked so cute. Esp with those shoes! Thanks, Chantelle! You keep growing like a weed girl, and giving Capri your hand-me-downs!

Taryn snapped this a couple nights ago..... when husband and wife become the same person. Weird! Ha!

Grandpa is always snapping the pics :) Cool dude

We hadn't seen our Brazilian buddy, Jaoa Paulo, in two years and it was awesome he could stop by for the weekend! He was doing an internship in Chicago for a month and made SLC a quick stop! Doesn't seem so far when you think of Brazil's distance! It was awesome seeing him and it was like nothing changed... except Capri was alive this time! 

A true American breakfast for our Brazilian 

He wanted to see the Provo temples and it was so beautiful walking the grounds

The fam hiked Timp this year! Cody was there but taking the pic, too!
I did not... for obvious reasons. I was going to hike as far as I could but thought I'd better do my glucose test while they were all busy that morning. So yeah! No swollen hot dog fingers for me!

I still reaped the benefits of eating at Olive Garden with them afterwards! Delish!

A fun family picnic with the Byrne's!
My old seminary teacher from Singapore :) Love them so much!

Crazy when you're at the point that you have 16 year friendships and it seems like yesterday! Indy and Capri were ADORABLE together! And holding little Ava was surreal! And Owen was over the pics!

We ate out a lot. Gyros and Swig! YUM!

Saying bye to dad this morning in the office! I hardly have any pics at my job or with Raech, my co-worker but that's really what 80% of my life is like :) I need at least one pic with her. I'll work on that!
this blog has too much false advertisement with how i spend my time!
 I love my job and that Capri can be with me! She's the customer's favorite anywho!

Thanks for coming to visit Dad! and Caleb! xoxoxo

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