Saturday, August 1, 2015

My 26th

I had a great 26th birthday this year! The only thing I can imagine wishing for my birthday is a healthy pregnancy and I have that :) I remember how badly I wanted to be pregnant my last birthday, and this birthday that dream is a reality :) 
I even passed my second round of glucose gestational diabetes this week so that was an extra blessing (I wish i could have called you, Kerri. Bc i was so worried when I failed it the first time- i remember you did with jane!) 

I was really clear with Chase that I was wanting a lot of attention and would be needy on my birthday. Well that little sweetie heard me loud and clear and delivered! I felt like a good wife for spelling it out for him and he was such a good husband to accommodate and surprise me! 
I woke up at like 2:30 AM on my birthday and had to pee..... obviously. prego probs. 
and Chase popped up and said, "What do you need? Tylenol? A heating pad? Peppermint oil? Let me get it for you!" And I thought, "Judas! My birthday treatment has already begun." and I just told him I had to go to the bathroom.... he seemed disappointed. I soon found out why..... he didn't want me to see the decorations until the morning. He got up at midnight and went to the store and bought the supplies and decorated the whole apartment. He told me later that he was just laying down for the first time that night when I jumped up to go to the bathroom. I was so surprised and LOVED coming out to this site... esp at 2:30 AM! I woke up again at 7 AM and couldn't even sleep in bc I remembered what was waiting out there for me! I woke up before Capri but didn't even care about those golden moments of sleep :) Thanks, Chase!

What a sweetie!
Presents. Decorations. My favorite donuts. The sweetest card - even if the front said "Your husband was a good man" and it was about comforting a widow..... i'll get the last laugh when i read that card at his funeral in fifty years! That Chase!!

He also took me out for lunch and dinner- T&T watched Capri for our dinner date- splendid! We had naps! Some Wii fun! And played my new games (Battle of the Sexes and Mancala) that evening with friends! It was such a great day and I am so lucky Chase and I both had the whole day off. I had the perfect day! 

Capri was even more excited about the decorated house than me! The balloons were a hit and she kept squealing and pointing at all the fun! She wouldn't take the party hats off and she kept blowing the party poppers!

These beautiful flowers are still just as colorful and perky.... 11 days later!

The day before we went to my in-laws for dinner, brownies, and games! It was such a fun night! My mother-in-law (and father-in-law, too) is the best and really knows how to make me feel loved! The games, dares, pranks, food, and company were perfect!
Uncle Taylor took Capri to see the horses next door. She begs for you to take her but then she acted shy.... that crazy kid!

26 weeks on my 26th

Idk who snapped this but it was the last hour of my birthday and I was so happy to be playing games with some of our closest friends and enjoying this 26th year!

This does not relate to my birthday but I also saw my cousin and 2nd cousin (little Finn aka Sawyer's newest best friend) that week and this pic kills me! I really think Capri is going to take to the big sister role like a champ! I know it will be an adjustment but this pic gives me hope! 
Such a sweet little guy! Can't wait for his baby blessing tomorrow. 

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