Monday, August 31, 2015

our sunday walk at the lake

yesterday we went on a nice sunday walk.
the weather was perfect! cool and with rain clouds brewing. 
the cool winds were heaven!

and the beauty was everywhere
in the mountains, water, stones, ducks, seagulls, clouds, boats, sunsets, etc!

Capri was in heaven with all the rocks, sticks, and birds! She fell a few times in the mud and got soaked in the water but that just gave her that cute diaper baby look..... cute/ trashy- it was hard to say ;) in my opinion, cute!
and i was loving chase's tied sweater and fanny pack!

trying to be artsy! 
and in the next pic my dress is more tucked to not be so huge :)
pulling teeth to get chase to snap pics when he's trying to enjoy the moment! poor guy.
i am 32 weeks and feeling big! but beautiful!
the old wives tale has been true for me with "when you are having a girl, she drains all the beauty from the mother and leaves her feeling ugly while a boy enhances her beauty."  
baby boy has really made me feel beautiful! less unpleasant side effects (i.e. weight gain, swelling, barfing,  bacne, stretchmarks, etc- it has been way better and a totally different pregnancy with baby sawyer!)  

two lovebirds!
i hope our baby boy is a mini chase with capri's porcupine hair (blonde would be a hoot!) 

Chase making fun of me as I snapped a pic of his stick art
I heart M+C+S (Marissa, Capri, Sawyer)

My favorite people! 

The human form of perfection in my book :) 
It was such a nice sunday! A resting, spiritually-fed, church-going, family walking Sunday!

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