Monday, August 24, 2015

Rifle, CO and then some!

This past weekend we went to Rifle, CO for our cousin's wedding. It was at this beautiful waterfall and I loved the canyon landscape! 
Of course no pic of the couple or the ceremony or the reception..... but some great pics of the 10 people that are always on my blog :)
This was true Colorado territory with people rappelling and being all granola-y! It was a great trip and I loved the getaway (even if the 5 hour car ride was too much for me.... but my in-laws took such great care of me! Giving me the front seat and helping with Capri like crazy! she's always hated the car.... she's getting better. I hope baby Sawyer isn't so anti! And like always, Chase entertained us the whole car ride.)

The other beautiful Anderson family there!


Pappa with his granddaughters!

We stopped at a park, went out to eat, and had some great family time!

We also stopped outside of Vernal at this national park to see this amazing dinosaur quarry. This is an actual wall that they have chipped away at and shown the dinosaur bones. One of the most concentrated places in the world of late Jurassic dinosaur bones. This used to be a river bed and when the tectonic plates shifted, the ground slanted and made this awesome wall of bones! I was seriously impressed and loved it!

The dinosaur on the left is a replica of how one was exactly found in the ground! Cool! Capri definitely got good at saying the word "dinosaur" and was a huge fan! 
The pic on the right is from the second story of the dinosaur wall! 

Caleb got a phone..... so these texts and snapchats are  bombarding my phone all day! What a hoot!

My lesson last Sunday was on the last couple days of Christ's mortal life and the kids drew amazing pics of specific scriptures in Matthew! The selling, betrayal, cutting off the ear, trial, Pontius Pilate, the abuse, Barabbas, the Queen of Pilate, cock crowing, and walk to Calvary! 
The Spirit was really strong and I loved the interpretations from the children! 

Some bouncing fun at Lowe's Xtreme Sport! Capri became really brave and dove into the foam pits and jumped on the tramps continuously! 
Enjoyed cousin and sibling time!

A poker night! I lost my $3 in pennies and nickels slowly but surely..... Tay and David made out like bandits!

Capri eating all of T&T's snacks

The one time in Capri's whole life she got to sleep in our bed with us. She woke up at 5 am and it was Chase's night. So voila.... but i have to admit, i LOVED it. i can see why parents choose this route. It was adorable and I couldn't stop staring at this angel!

31 weeks with baby boy!

A date night last week with Frisbee golf and dinner. Chase kicked my butt! 
I love our alone time! 
He's the best thing to ever happen to me... and the best thing (relationship) I've worked on every day since!

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