Wednesday, August 12, 2015

summer days

Chase starts school in a week and a half. He's not thrilled. But he's over half way done with school and he'll keep pushing through.
i was always kind of a school lover and it's funny being married to someone who very much dislikes the official school way of learning!
Anyways- my point is that we've been cramming in as much summer as possible!
a little mini golf.
it was capri's first time actually playing and she was loving it and is such a good copy cat!

Liberty land sweethearts!
Liberty land was one of our first dates! 
and with our pass of all passes, we get to go there for free a lot!

We made Capri ride all the baby coasters.... she had some moments of hesitation but all in all was a champ and asked for "more, more, more"

i've made a new goal to go to the temple more (by myself bc chase's work schedule till 10 pm is hard to plan) and i am normally free after 6 pm- so what's my excuse? 
it has also been good for me to do something without capri. i am so dependent on that little cutie! she has become my identity! i am going to work on having more "me" time now and esp when baby boy comes! anyways. going to the temple has been great. 
and brought back peace and clarity into my life even stronger! what a blessing to have the provo temple and the almost completed provo city center temple so close! 

this pic is just to remember the hilarious prank we played on julie, my mother-in-law. 
we took her phone out of her phone case (the one she is always raving about- how indestructible and water proof it is). 
we put a piece of green cardboard in the case to make it look like her phone. 
then we put it in the toilet. 
then told her chantelle was doing the potty dance. 
she took chantelle to the toilet..... 
and we got the reaction we wanted. 
we videoed it but she won't let me post it.... too much profanity! 
hahah it was an awesome prank though! success. 

some summer park nights! live band, delicious food, bouncy castles, booths, etc!!

the crew

two graceful swans....

what a great summer it's been with all my beloveds!
still have some time left! hopefully be able to make another summer day post :)

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