Friday, September 25, 2015

Cascade Springs

Yesterday, Chase and I both had the whole day off! We went to the doctor in the morning.
36 weeks and 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. Holla! I'm on my way :) Less than 3 weeks now!

Anywho, the fall colors and weather is amazing here. So we decided to take an evening drive on the Alpine Loop and go to the Cascade Springs. Capri was such a champ in the car. I was able to hold down my food even with all the winding canyons. And we couldn't get enough of the beauty and waterfalls! Hence a thousand pics!
One of my favorite family memories to date actually! I am so glad we did it and I've decided I'm taking family pics there a year from now :) Don't worry- Chase has already mocked that I've planned that out.

If you live in the area, you must go on the Alpine Loop and go to the Cascade Springs! Five stars!

My heart in a single moment!

Trying to teach Capri to play in the leaves. She looks much cuter doing it!

She waits for no one!

So sweet how Chase pulled me up all these hills!

No picture can do the landscape justice but I still tried to capture it!
Utah has the most beautiful Fall around!

5 bullets

5 bullet points I want to remember!

1. I am not allowed to stand at the park (unless I'm pushing Capri on the swing.) The second I stand up, I hear Capri shouting, "Mommy, SIT DOWN! Sit down, Mommy! Sit down!" 
Ha! I guess she knows that when I stand, it means it's time to go home. You know I'm a 9-month totally-non-helicopter kind of mom! I'm a bench kind of mom!

2. Captured this candid moment the other day. Apparently we don't like clothes in this house! Since Chase has started school again (aka he's gone even more than usual) and I have been leaving Capri alone with him more- she has become more of a daddy's girl. It's the best! 

3. Capri is always telling me "I need you" and reaching to snuggle me! I'm eating it up! You can hear us reply back and forth, "I need you" over and over again! I hope can still snuggle her and Sawyer equally in 2 weeks and 6 days ;) but hey I snuggle both of them right now- pretty much- so I'm sure I can handle it! 

4. This is how I'm greeted every morning. She has actually turned me into a morning person! She's the only one who can! Not even my mission did :) 

5. Chase and I have started Gilmore Girls again together. A show that he secretly loves- he'll admit it if you straight up ask him, but it's not something he brags about :) I couldn't be happier that he enjoys it with me. 
Anyways. I was telling him that I can totally see him with someone like Sookie, (well the roles that Melissa McCarthy has been acting in lately is more like it) 
"I can see you with a burly woman who is humorous and edgy." 
And he replied, "Well, that's you! Big and hilarious!" um...... watch it...... he tried to back up, "Well normally you're small and hilarious. But just the pregnancy I mean." Uh-huh. Ok! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Capri's Birthday Weekend!

This little sweetheart is 2! She is already pro at answering with her new age verbally.... the finger display is a lot more difficult than 1 was!

We had a full weekend of dates and celebrating Capri!

Friday morning, Chase and I were able to go do a session at the temple! Thanks for the lovely Raech and Remy downstairs for watching Capri. She was in heaven! She loves baby Remy and asks for him everyday! Him and Chantelle are definitely her best friends!
I had to rent a dress (hello, big bertha!) and keep ritz crackers in my pockets! I was much too hot the whole session, but survived! I enjoyed being there with Chase, feeling the Spirit, and learning more about heavenly matters!
I believe it will be my last time doing a session for a few months! I'm going to focus on finding some temple names before we go back! 

These cuties!!

Friday evening, Chase and I went on another date! Two in one day! What a blessing! Capri played with Chelsea and Hyrum (four month old brother not pictured) but apparently Capri was really gentle and loved him so that's good news! Chelsea and Capri are less than a month apart and play like champs. I was dying over all the cute pics. 
Chase and I ate at the new Black Bear Diner that just opened at University Mall and it was delicious and so decently priced! I got Country Fried Steak with hashbrowns, eggs, biscuit, and bacon for $9.99!! And it was amazing! I think I wanna go there for my breakfast before my induction (Chase said that's not a real word, but it is, right? Anyways. I really have a planning problem!) 

Since Capri's birthday landed on a Sunday, we decided to go to the Aquarium in Draper on Saturday for her birthday! She was in heaven! Good thing Nemo and Little Mermaid have been some of her most watched movies these days! 

we love living close to Chad and Kina and their fam and spending time with them!

These are two amazing grandparents and parent-in-laws right here!

Note to self: do NOT take a picture with a whale when you are 35 weeks pregnant...... 

We saw a 4D documentary on the Galapagos islands and Capri was horrified when the water shot out at her. 

Chantelle and Charlotte loved touching the stingrays and starfish. Capri, not so much.

She was in heaven when she spotted Nemo and Dory though!

Shark tunnel!

Always getting rides from pappa!

Eating at The Habit afterwards! She's picture perfect!

On her actual birthday, she threw up on me right after her nap! Right when we were getting ready for church! This poor stomach cold thing! So she missed church! But we were cooped up all day and so I took her outside for some chalk time!
She didn't let a little cold keep her time. She was still in a good mood all day!

Then later that evening, those who didn't have kiddos still came over for cake and ice cream and presents! Delicious! and she was in heaven and kept screaming "presents!" It was perfect that she saw Chantelle  opening presents a week earlier! She knew what was up!

She blew out her candles all by herself! All that practicing beforehand paid off!

 Aunt Ciara is always snapping pics and capturing adorable moments! i love this one of her and Capri outside!

Always trying to force Chase to take pics!
We are so happy with our little girl and all she has become in these quick two years! It was so fun talking with Chase about all she has learned, loves, dislikes, and has mastered!