Thursday, September 10, 2015

Biking adventure

This afternoon, Chase and I were talking about Capri's birthday. I really want to get her a bike trailer that hooks onto my bike and would be good for her and Sawyer (and turns into a jogging stroller) for her birthday. Chase was making the point to wait until Spring to buy it bc how much am I really gonna ride in the next month? So pregnant and then my postpartum bottom won't want to be on a bike seat (OUCH!) and then the snow will be here..... but i was saying I would ride all the time....... i know that's not true but i tried to argue that they are also a good deal right now since it's coming up on off season.
And i told him i was going to show him how well i could ride a bike! I am not the most active pregnant woman so even i was wondering how this was going to go.
We borrowed Raechel's bike with the baby seat (thanks!!) and went on an 8 MILE ride! That was a lot for me! But I did it and the trail was so beautiful!
The weather here is getting amazing! We went down the Provo trail --->all the way to Utah lake and it was awesome.
We're already planning on going again Sunday morning before church with a picnic! Heaven, even if two flying grasshoppers attacked me (one on the leg and one on the hand) and I ran over a live snake and beheaded it! And Chase kept telling me, "another grasshopper almost landed on you. and another."
Chase had no encounters with nature.... but he sure enjoyed my freak outs. I almost fell into the Provo river trying to get the grasshopper off my leg. Either way. The bike ride was a success. I am proud of myself and I'm sure my tailbone will be feeling it tomorrow! Felt good to get out and enjoy it as a family.
Capri was in heaven with all the rivers, trees, birds, horses, etc! She had the life just sitting and enjoying the ride!


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Cyndi McConnell said...

You rock!! I was such a bum my whole pregnancy, haha. Love seeing your posts :)