Thursday, September 10, 2015

parks and such

met my byu roomies at the park with our kiddos. 
annie and i have lived the same fertility life it's weird.
our girls are three weeks apart. we had a miscarriage around the same time. our due dates now are less than two weeks apart! she's having a girl though so that's ruined ;) we are true soul sisters. 

becca and her two kiddos. annie and i with our one and almost two kiddos :) 

we waited until it was dusk and we were leaving to catch a pic so it's not the best lighting but it's us so that's what counts!

duck feeding

monday was my niece's birthday! capri singing her happy birthday!

yesterday i worked 9 AM- 6 PM and it was a long day so i spent some of the shift out on the front lawn with the work phone in my pocket. def needed some fresh air and capri needed a change of scene. 
we blew dandelions and collected sticks! the chalk i got for her birthday would have been nice but i'm actually waiting till her birthday :) less than two weeks! 

life is good! and i love all my little buddies ;) 

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Kelly said...

you promised you guys would never hang out without me!!!