Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Fair and Friends

Been another great week in the Anderson household!
Chase's brother Cory and his fam was up from Vegas for the weekend. We had a lot of fun :) We went to the State Fair Friday. I didn't have my phone on me..... so that was torture :) but Julie sent me a few pics! Pictures or no pictures it was awesome!

Capri was ready to go! Never looked cuter! But I knew it would never last! Cute while it lasted and then she had the crimpy look!

Happy Birthday to Chantelle! Little cousin bug is 2! Capri is one week behind ya :)

With Capri's birthday coming up and my delivery scheduled for ONE MONTH from today exactly- i've been reflecting on this cutie and what her cutie bro will look like! 

That rare moment where I decided to take a nap with her- so precious!

Yesterday, I had a blast with my byu roomies! Drove up to Layton for some bonding and laughs! 
I realized we all moved away from each other in 2010. Two of us got married. and two of us went on missions that summer! 
Now we've been friends for over 8 years and next month we will have two kids each. Loud and crazy when we reunite! 

There Annie and I are again! Pregnant and ready to pop!

Jimmy was not thrilled to be with all these girls...... just for the pic! He had a fun day the rest of the day! Don't worry, Jimmy- Sawyer will bring you reinforcement soon!

the nose picker!

the drive there and back was hilarious! 

and proof that Capri has chosen her Mommy's school and made a wise choice!

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Hailey N said...

That video of Jody & Capri! Oh my goodness. Those are seriously the 2 cutest girls I have ever seen in my life.