Thursday, September 10, 2015

the wife of an entrepreuner

living the life as an entrepreneur's wife isn't easy for me but i step up and show my support!
chase has three businesses going on right now. he goes to school full-time. and works at chuck-a-rama. has his church and spiritual duties. and of course he's a husband and father which comes first! it's a lot but i love to see him get excited and feel accomplished.

he recently has started "Paint Me Dirty". He got the idea from

and it has been a lot of experimenting with the water, arm, paints, etc.
you choose your paint colors. dip. your arm dries almost instantly. and it comes off easy with soap and water! safe and fun!

we had our first even at the rooftop concert last friday and it was so fun! what a party!
>10,000 people all gathered and good for chase's business and his confidence! we were stationed right by zeek's (used to be sammy's) and this drunk driver scene happened right in front of us so that was freaky! but otherwise a completely perfect evening!! we had a good deal with zeek's shakes [if you showed your painted arm you got 1/2 off their shakes] and they gave us an awesome space to do our thing.
i had fun sitting and people watching and talking with our friends and family that came by!

the sign i made for their table set up.
such a supportive wife :)

some samples of the few pics i took

with black light

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Kelly said...

that is pretty freaking sweet. he should capitalize on byu colors for football games.