Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Parade, Witches' Night Out, and baby Marian

Been relaxing a lot since my mom left- I feel as if I overdid it when she was here for the weekend. But even my "relaxing" is still full of fun. I can only relax for so long. I have issues ;) 
We went to the Riverwoods Pumpkin Parade. 
Capri was obsessed with all the princesses she saw! And asked them to dance. Adorable! 

Then the Witches' Night Out at Gardner Village. 

Ciara has some of the cutest pics with Capri!

There were thousands of witches. And a ton of cute ones! Ciara decided to take a pic with this beauty.... I swear it's a man bc Ciara is over 5'10" and this witch towers...... hahaha. 

My staple friends/ fam!

All these new family of four photos! Love!

And this morning I visited baby Marian! 
Three days older than Sawyer and so beautiful!

and a fun video of Sawyer snoring. When he's in a deep sleep, this happens! Crazy!

Halloween decorations

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned to my mother-in-law that after this Halloween season I was going to stock up on the post-sales and get a decoration collection. Well.... I said this to the woman who is Mrs. Craft and owned her own craft store for many years and has a barn full of old crafts...... so now my house is decked out and she is amazing. and there are still more coming! and Chase is especially happy bc they were free for us! Happy Halloween! 
When you walk up the stairs, don't be too frightened! 

This guy has scared me twice now when I turned the kitchen light on in the middle of the night!

I won this beauty with a giveaway from Handmade Homestead!!! Thanks, Laura! 

lovely reflection pic, too. 

10 major blessings

I have seen some incredible blessings with little Sawyer's arrival. Sawyer has been amazing. Eats like a champ. Only cries if he's feeling particularly testy about his diaper getting changed. Already on a schedule and understands his night and days- I swear. The past 5 nights has slept five-hour stretches for 11 hours like clockwork. Amazing! These could all be flukes but 5 nights in a row is legit. And I tested out chocolate last night..... he's not a fan. But that works out well for me since it's my weakness and will help me get the baby weight off even quicker. 
Anyways, this is not what my blog was supposed to be about today. I was just trying to say that Sawyer has been cake and Capri has been the one I have stressed about. Just worrying about the transition and attention she's receiving. She still loves Sawyer, demands to hold him, and kisses him constantly. She hasn't shown any unusual behavior or jealousy but I still worry. Of course I do :) 
That's why I must give big thank-you's to all those who have helped and loved our family, especially Capri. It has meant the world to me!

1. Play date with Raechel, Remy, and play dough

2. Dinner from Bethany

3. When we were cooped up all day, Chase suggested I take Capri to the park and he stay home with Sawyer. It was a nice outing and an activity I was totally comfortable with. 
So sweet! 

4. Becca came down with her two kids, visited, and then took Capri to the park for almost 2 hours. She was in heaven. I napped the day away with Sawy.

5. Ciara came down to visit. She, too, took Capri out for ice cream and a park play date! What a spoiled, beloved girl! 

6. The house has stayed clean! Thanks Chase, his help, and his patience with my obsession! So important to me. 

7. So many concerned texts and calls. More often then not they were little answers to prayers that helped me feel loved. 

8. Kina's sweet comment on my mom post! Brought me to tears (these dang postpartum hormones are to blame, too. I feel as if they're almost gone and under control. Hopefully! They always overwhelm me.) But really it was the sweetest! Thanks, Kina! 

9. Chase has been sleeping with Capri every night (she has a queen bed.) And that has taken a load off my mind. She is well-rested (key for a two-year-old) and she doesn't try to sneak into my room. And Chase gets better sleep in there, too. I am terrified for when I have to crack down and break this habit. But I'll give myself the goal of Thanksgiving! I am usually such a sleep Nazi but you do what you feel is best. 

10. Beautiful walks, Halloween fun, and wonderful fall weather for when we do go out! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My incredible Mom

Even if she didn't make it for the birth, she made it for the adjustment! Mom is such a comfort and strength to me, especially as I embrace and transition into motherhood....again. Her advice, helpfulness, and love is everything. I'm so blessed to have her and will cry if I write anymore.

I need a moment.

Ok I'm good.

She left this morning to go back to Texas, but she will be back in three weeks (when I start working again) and for the Ross reunion, Sawyer's baby blessing, and Thanksgiving. Thank you also to my Dad and Caleb, for letting her come be here and supporting me from Texas!

Chase loves the help from my mom but he worries on how I'll take it when she leaves. And with good reason. I was a lot better this time than when she left with Capri. But it still causes me anxiety and sadness! I am grateful for her help and focus on the positive. I am especially grateful for her help with Capri. I have silly guilt with Capri not having all my mommy attention anymore and I just want to make sure this transition is good for her and she gets enough attention! I love her so much and I love Sawyer so much! and all this worry and anxiety needs to be overcome with positivity, love, and prayers. It's been 7 hours without my mom so far and Chase at a dentist appointment and school for about another hour or so.

I've done well on my own. Capri is napping and Sawyer is just looking around the room like a cutie pie. I can do this. I think I can. I think I can.
I know I can.
I can.
I am.
One hour at a time until it feels normal and as easy breathing. I'll get there! I'm on my way!

So much family love

Julie brought this blanket down and said it was Chase's baby blanket. Presh. 

Just a little first bath documentation. He wasn't a fan. 

The cross stitch my mom made! Love this tradition!

And a tender mercy: 
I was putting Capri down for her nap and I was gonna leave Sawyer in the living room. 
She saw that I was leaving him behind and said, "Mommy. Bring Sawyer to lay down with me. You tickle my back and baby Soy's back."
She is gonna be just fine! and so is Sawyer! and so am I! 


We had a lot of visitors!
They were all amazing and thoughtful. I am glad I documented most of the visits and sad for the three to four visits I spaced it on! Not pictured, but definitely visited were David and Kristi, Alison and Bryan (my trainer from my mish and her husband), Becca, and my brother Garrett! But those pictured..... voila!

Cody Pike
our cousin

Lauryn Koski!
our cousin
and not pictured: Dallin and Finn
the husband and babe

Grandma and Pappa Anderson
and the Anderson girls

Raechel Crosby
my co-worker and close friend and neighbor

Helping his girls hold Sawyer!
Chantelle and Charlotte!

Our sister-in-law
the wife of Chad
our bff

Kristi Brown
Garrett's girlfriend and Millie's mom and our s-i-l unofficially

Nathan Goins
Ciara's boyfriend missionary who returned from his mission 2 weeks ago. He left on his mission when Capri was 2 weeks old!
I can't remember why Capri is just in a diaper.

Taryn Schroedter
not pictured: Taylor. the brother.
and I'm no bitter that he calls Sawyer "it" and would never touch my belly with either pregnancy to feel the babies move. I pray he's more personal with his own children ;) hahah Capri is obsessed and loves him to death. Taryn, too. So will Sawyer!

Saturday, these two came over again for a visit. We played tag with the golf cart and bikes. Who are we? Fun though!

Heidi Alatorre
the mission companion
with her son, Landon! Capri's betrothed!

Capri and Sawyer with their Grandma Schroedter with her parents, Great- Grandpa and Grandma Ross!
Grandma and her girls! Capri and Millie.