Monday, October 26, 2015

10 major blessings

I have seen some incredible blessings with little Sawyer's arrival. Sawyer has been amazing. Eats like a champ. Only cries if he's feeling particularly testy about his diaper getting changed. Already on a schedule and understands his night and days- I swear. The past 5 nights has slept five-hour stretches for 11 hours like clockwork. Amazing! These could all be flukes but 5 nights in a row is legit. And I tested out chocolate last night..... he's not a fan. But that works out well for me since it's my weakness and will help me get the baby weight off even quicker. 
Anyways, this is not what my blog was supposed to be about today. I was just trying to say that Sawyer has been cake and Capri has been the one I have stressed about. Just worrying about the transition and attention she's receiving. She still loves Sawyer, demands to hold him, and kisses him constantly. She hasn't shown any unusual behavior or jealousy but I still worry. Of course I do :) 
That's why I must give big thank-you's to all those who have helped and loved our family, especially Capri. It has meant the world to me!

1. Play date with Raechel, Remy, and play dough

2. Dinner from Bethany

3. When we were cooped up all day, Chase suggested I take Capri to the park and he stay home with Sawyer. It was a nice outing and an activity I was totally comfortable with. 
So sweet! 

4. Becca came down with her two kids, visited, and then took Capri to the park for almost 2 hours. She was in heaven. I napped the day away with Sawy.

5. Ciara came down to visit. She, too, took Capri out for ice cream and a park play date! What a spoiled, beloved girl! 

6. The house has stayed clean! Thanks Chase, his help, and his patience with my obsession! So important to me. 

7. So many concerned texts and calls. More often then not they were little answers to prayers that helped me feel loved. 

8. Kina's sweet comment on my mom post! Brought me to tears (these dang postpartum hormones are to blame, too. I feel as if they're almost gone and under control. Hopefully! They always overwhelm me.) But really it was the sweetest! Thanks, Kina! 

9. Chase has been sleeping with Capri every night (she has a queen bed.) And that has taken a load off my mind. She is well-rested (key for a two-year-old) and she doesn't try to sneak into my room. And Chase gets better sleep in there, too. I am terrified for when I have to crack down and break this habit. But I'll give myself the goal of Thanksgiving! I am usually such a sleep Nazi but you do what you feel is best. 

10. Beautiful walks, Halloween fun, and wonderful fall weather for when we do go out! 

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